When To Use A Travel Agent?

Why use a travel agent instead of booking online?

Here’s Why You Should Use A Travel Agent Instead Of Booking

  • Travel agents make travel less stressful. When booking a vacation, destination wedding or honeymoon, the last thing a traveler should have to do is worry.
  • They save you money…
  • They don’t charge hidden fees.
  • They advocate on your behalf.
  • They provide personalized attention.
  • They offer insurance.
  • They’re there 24/7.

Why you should use a travel agent?

Save MoneyOften, travel agents can save you money based on their supplier relationships — or at least match the price you find — while saving you time and effort. There are also hidden savings built into trips. A travel agent will likely book transfers for you, included in the price.

Is a travel agent worth it?

Their relationships get you into incredible experiences and save you from disasters. If you’re booking a luxury, complicated, or group trip, travel agents are worth it. The value a travel agent offers your vacation depends not on the agent but on the kind of trip you want to take.

Should I use a travel agent for all inclusive?

Travel Agents are “All Inclusive” – Hotels, vacation package companies and cruise lines include our commissions in their published prices. If you do all the work, they “pocket” the difference. Travel Agent Do Not Cost More – Vacationkids never charges services fees. Our services are free to our customers.Travel

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