Which Debit Card Is Best For International Travel?

Which debit card is best for international transactions?

ICICI Bank World Debit Card is among one of the best International debit cards. This card offers daily cash withdrawal limit of 1 Lakh and daily spend limit of 1.5 Lakh at International locations. This card comes with personal accident insurance and air accident insurance.

What is the best card to travel overseas with?

The best travel debit cards with no foreign transaction fees

Name Home Country Network
Citibank Plus Everyday Account Australia Mastercard / Cirrus
ATM withdrawal fee $0 + no third-party fees on Citibank ATMs worldwide Monthly fee $0 Notes
Schwab Bank High Yield Investor Checking Account United States Visa / Plus

7 more rows

Which debit cards are free for abroad?

The Best Debit Cards to Use Abroad

Bank International ATM fee International transaction fee
N26* 1.7% Nil
Revolut* Nil but 0.5-2% on weekends Nil
Starling* Nil Nil
Metro Bank Current Account Free in Europe, 2.99% + £1.50 outside of Europe Free in Europe, 2.99% outside of Europe

1 more rowTravel

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