Who Owns Vantage Travel?

H.I.G. Capital is the sole owner of Vantage, with The Jordan Company holding a minority stake in the business. Because of this solid financial support, Vantage has access to money, which enables the company to fuel its investment and expansion.

Henry R. Lewis, sometimes known as ″Hank,″ is the Chief Executive Officer, Owner, and Founder of Vantage Travel Service, Inc.

What does vantage Travel Service do?

As a tour operator, Vantage Travel Service, Inc. is in the travel business. The Company develops and operates river cruises, small ship cruises, and escorted land excursions to a variety of locations throughout the world. Customers come from all around the world to use Vantage Travel Service. NO. OF EMPLOYEES

What happened to the couple who booked a cruise with Vantage cruise?

  • The year before, she and her husband Frank made plans to celebrate their anniversary with a trip to Norway.
  • However, due to the epidemic, Vantage decided to cancel the trip.
  • After that, the organization rebooked the couple for the month of August in this year without obtaining their permission first.
  • Instead, Mann is demanding that she be paid back, and her patience is wearing thin.
  • She is in possession of a sound judgment.

Does vantage travel have a cash flow problem?

  • My suspicion is that Vantage has challenges with its financial flow that existed before Covid suspended trips.
  • I planned ahead and booked and paid for a trip for 2020 (one year in advance) in 2019.
  • I also included the cost of flights in the payment because they assured me that the money would be refunded in its entirety if we decided that the flights they provided were unsatisfactory or if we discovered alternative flights that were more suitable.
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How many complaints does Vantage have by end of year?

  • An ever-increasing number of complaints; at this rate, we will have more than 600 cases by the end of the year; and a significant number of them are already sitting here on my desk, unsolved.
  • Something in me says that this won’t turn out good in the end.
  • What justifies Vantage’s decision to reject a refund request?
  • When a cruise is canceled by a firm, the regulations are usually very clear: you are entitled to a full refund.

Who owns Vantage cruise line?

Travel writer Linda Paull Garrison has been on more than 150 cruises and has spent more than 1,100 days at sea throughout the course of her career. Henry Lewis, an entrepreneur, established Vantage Deluxe World Travel in 1983 as a company that operates as a group travel operator. The city of Boston, in the state of Massachusetts, serves as its headquarters.

Where is Vantage Travel located?

From the global headquarters of Vantage in Boston, we have our finger on the pulse of the whole world, from South Africa to Budapest, from Argentina to China, and everywhere in between. Our travel specialists situated in Boston, which is located in the United States, are in daily communication with our full network of travel experts located all over the world.

How do I contact Vantage Travel?

Either call Vantage directly at their toll-free number 1-888-982-6824 or send an e-mail to their customer service department with your inquiry or request for further information.

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