Who Starred In Have Gun Will Travel?

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Who is the actress in Gun Will Travel?

Lisa LuHey Girl

Who Said Have Gun Will Travel?

Richard Boone

What was Paladin’s first name on Have Gun Will Travel?

2. Paladin’s real name was Clay Alexander — perhaps. On the television show, Paladin’s true name is never given.

Have guns will travel the debutante cast?


  • Richard Boone. Paladin.
  • Robert Emhardt. Powers.
  • Wayne Rogers. Daniel.
  • Gale Garnett. Prudence.
  • Kam Tong. Hey Boy.
  • Eleanor Audley. Mrs. Quincy.
  • L.Q. Jones. Hector.

Has a Gun Will Travel Director?

This media article uses IMDb for verification.

Have Gun – Will Travel
Genre Western
Created by Sam Rolfe Herb Meadow
Directed by Andrew V. McLaglen Richard Donner Lamont Johnson Ida Lupino Richard Boone William Conrad others
Starring Richard Boone Kam Tong

18 more rows

Have Gun Will Travel Episode The Walking years?

The Walking Years. A letter from a friend brings Paladin to a bar where he’s drugged. He wakes up chained and in the company of a man with a similar story and a woman who’s path they’ve both crossed before.

Have Gun Will Travel locations?

Beginning in season four, filming locations were often given in the closing credits. Locations included Bishop and Lone Pine, California; an area now known as Paladin Estates between Bend and Sisters, Oregon; and the Abbott Ranch near Prineville, Oregon.

Has a gun traveling chess piece?

The hugely popular CBS western series Have Gun – Will Travel (1957-1963) starred Richard Boone as “Paladin,” a gentleman mercenary. Paladin’s trademark was a knight chess piece emblazoned on his gun belt and business cards. This is a production-used example of Paladin’s trademark “Cavalry” Model .

Have Gun Will Travel a matter of ethics?

A Matter of Ethics. Paladin secures some ill feelings when he hires his gun to an accused murderer, but may have to fight an altogether unexpected foe in order to keep the terms of his contract.Travel

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