Why Can T Sound Travel Through A Vacuum?

Sound cannot travel through a vacuum.

A vacuum is an area without any air, like space.

So sound cannot travel through space because there is no matter for the vibrations to work on it.

Can sound travel through a vacuum?

In the vacuum of space, there are no (or very, very few) particles to vibrate, so sound cannot travel through this medium. Radio waves travel perfectly fine through a vacuum because they are a type of electromagnetic wave (light), and electromagnetic waves do not need a medium to travel through.

Why can light waves travel through a vacuum?

Light (and other elementary “particles”) are not particles at all, and are not waves at all. So, in the end, light can travel through a vacuum because it is composed of quanta called photons, and it is a property of photons that they require no medium of transmission.

Can we hear in vacuum?

Yes, but you can’t hear through a vacuum. Sound consists if transmitted vibrations. With no air, there’s nothing to transfer sound. So any noises generated by your body would still vibrate your ears.Travel

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