Why Should You Establish An Online Account With The Travel Charge Card Vendor?

Why should you establish an online account with the travel charge card vendor?

Because it provides easy access to statements, payments, and mobile alerts.

What should you do if there are incorrect transactions on your monthly statement?

File a dispute with the GTCC vendor within 60 days of the statement date.

What requires split disbursement to the travel card vendor?

Army Travel Card 101

Requires each Executive department agency to evaluate the credit worthiness of an individual. Public Law 109-115
Mandates the use of a Government travel card for costs associated with official Government travel. Public Law 105-264
Requires split disbursement to the travel card vendor. Public Law 107-314

27 more rows

Does a government travel card affect your credit?

Outstanding government travel credit card bills can result in a negative reporting on the service member’s civilian credit report, and the Department of Defense may “salary offset” a portion of the service member’s salary to pay the government travel credit card bill.

Can I use my GTC for food?

Travelers may use their travel card at ATMs to obtain cash needed to pay for “out-of-pocket” travel-related expenses. Do not use the GTCC to pay for meals for spouse/family/friends who are not on the official travel orders. • Do not use the GTCC after the time the TDY terminates, only when in a travel status.

What is a reason for account suspension?

Reasons for suspension include, but are not limited to: An overdue balance. A request to close has been processed on the account.Travel

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