Authorized Travel Days For Pcs Oconus?

The appropriate OCONUS TLA Authority may authorize TLA up to 60 days upon arrival at the OCONUS PDS or up to 10 days prior to departure from the OCONUS PDS.

Additional TLA may be authorized when necessary, i.e., when in the Government’s interest and never for personal convenience.

How many travel days are authorized for PCS?

A traveler who is authorized PCS travel by POV is allowed one day of travel for every 350 miles between authorized points (JTR, par.

How many travel days are authorized for PCS to Korea?

One travel day is allowed for each 350 miles using the most direct route. If the additional distance is over 50 miles after dividing the total mileage by 350, one additional travel day is allowed. When the total official distance is 400 or fewer miles, 1 day of travel time is allowed.

Are PCS travel days chargeable leave?

General Policy. Any delay authorized in orders directing a permanent change of station (PCS) in excess of allowed proceed time or travel time is chargeable to leave.

Is DTS used for PCS travel?

Below is a summary of when DTS can or cannot be used. A Service member, a DoD civilian employee, a dependent of a Service member or civilian employee, and an invitational traveler may use DTS for Temporary Duty (TDY) travel. The traveler must process the TDY with the final PCS travel voucher.

Do you get Bah while on PCS leave?

BAH-Partial is not authorized during proceed time, leave en route, and travel time on a permanent change of station (PCS) move unless the member is assigned to single type Government quarters and not authorized BAH or OHA. The Secretary of Defense establishes BAH-RC rates.

How much do you get for PCS move?

For each service member, the travel PCS per diem rate is $123. For each dependent over 12 years old, the travel per diem rate is $92.25 and for children under 12 the per diem rate is $61.50. The number of days you will be paid the per diem rate is based on the military’s expectation of your travel time.

How many days of PCS leave can I take?

PCS Leave is typically 30 days. However, you can take whatever your losing CoC authorizes. When you get your orders CUT (from Reassignments), the date your LEAVE ENDS has to be within that 60 days early report window.

What army regulation covers PCS moves?

Army National Guard Soldiers on Active Duty Under Title 10 USC are authorized government funded PCS moves if on AGR status.

Benefit Fact Sheet.

No. of Eligible Persons Occupying Temporary Quarters Percentage Applicable
Member or 1 dependent 65%

3 more rows

What is PCS with TDY enroute?

En route travel is a taxable entitlement that allows you to be compensated for personal and dependent travel. Reimbursement includes travel and transportation expenses for you and your dependents for one trip by way of the most direct route from the old to the new duty station.

Who approves leave over 30 days?

All it takes is your Commander’s signature to approve your leave for up to 30 days. To use more than 30 days of leave you need an O-6 signature that is in your chain of command, which would probably be your brigade commander.

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Can you take permissive TDY with leave?

Permissive TDY is a non-chargeable leave granted in addition to any authorized ordinary leave. Outside of 1 OCT 08 thru 30 SEP 13, a maximum of 90 days of leave (60 days ordinary leave plus 30 days SLA) can be carried forward.

Can you take permissive TDY with terminal leave?

Typically, those retiring stateside are offered 20 days permissive TDY. Those retiring from overseas can be allowed up to 30 days permissive TDY. Since terminal leave is taken before a service members actual retirement date, all active-duty benefits still apply, such as medical and dental care.Travel

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