Do Batboys Travel With The Team?

Do MLB teams bring their own bat boys?

According to an ESPN piece, bat boys don’t travel with the team. Both the home and visiting team’s bat boys are employees of the home team.

Do batboys get paid?

Yes, they are. The MLB requires that all teams pay their bat boys minimum wage. The teams have different methods of payment, though. Some teams, like the Atlanta Braves for example, pay their bat boys at an hourly rate ($9/hour), while the New York Yankees pay an annual salary (between $7,623-$8,276).

How do you become a bat boy?

To be considered, you must be at least 14 years old and in decent physical condition. And while the title bat boy suggests you must be a kid, there are college-age bat boys in the league, and even some in their late 20s.

Do bat boys get tips?

How much do bat boys get paid? They make most of their money in tips from the players IIRC.Travel

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