FAQ: How Does The Hobbit Fit Iinto The Heros Journey?

The Hero’s Journey

The hero’s journey is a fundamental pattern that can now be found in thousands of narratives. Joseph Campbell’s Hero with a Thousand Faces highlights texts from various eras and regions where this cycle is prevalent. The “departure” stage of Bilbo Baggins’ journey will be examined in this article.


Bilbo Baggins is a fifty-year-old hobbit who enjoys the simple pleasures of life in The Hobbit; there is nothing extraordinary about him yet, and no indication that he possesses even a smidgeon of moxie.

Stage 1: The Call to Adventure

In “The Lord of the Rings,” Bilbo Baggins travels to Erebor, Thorin Oakenshield’s grandfather’s former stronghold, where the dragon Smaug looms over all the riches the dwarves once kept close, and Gandalf advises him to join Thorin’s company as a burglar.

Stage 2: Refusal of the Call

In stage two, the future hero’s condition has deteriorated. Fear is the most common factor, but insecurity is also a factor. They may also be leaving a sense of obligation behind, such as a profession or something similar. Bilbo Baggins initially refuses to participate in Gandalf’s and the dwarves’ quest.

Stage 3: Supernatural Aid

In The Lord of the Rings, Gandalf proves to be Frodo’s most important supernatural mentor; in The Hobbit, Gandalf simply asks Bilbo to join him and the dwarves; there are others who fit the criteria of the “supernatural mentor” other than Gandalf. In The Lord of the Rings, Gandalf gives Frodo the One Ring, setting him off on his quest to Mordor; Bilbo’s sword Sting also

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Stage 4: The First Threshold

When Bilbo Baggins and Gandalf join the dwarves at the Bywater Inn, they cross the first threshold of their journey, which begins the hero’s adventure. Bilbo is upset because he hasn’t had his “second breakfast.”

Stage 5: The Belly of the Whale

Everything the hero knows has vanished, and this is a pivotal point in Bilbo’s development as a hero, as he begins to take initiative and consider the company’s best interests.


Author Robert Hewett provides an in-depth analysis of the Hero’s Journey, using colorful vocabulary and supporting examples to relay pertinent information to his audience. My only suggestion is that Hubber reviewers have about the same attention span as a four-year-old child.

What is the reward in The Hobbit hero’s journey?

The Lonely Mountain is theirs, and Bilbo now has an advantage because he has the Arkenstone, which he can use to help bring peace later in the story as Thorin falls into greed and selfishness.

Who is Bilbo mentor?

Gandalf is Bilbo’s mentor, and his Baggins nature is terrified of going on a real adventure and facing a real dragon.

How does Bilbo initially respond to the call to adventure?

Bilbo declines Gandalf’s invitation, and Gandalf leaves a note for the dwarves on Biblo’s door. Bilbo is more interested in eating and drinking than in adventures, but Gandalf will not let him turn down the invitation.

What is the adventure in The Hobbit?

The dwarves are about to embark on a great quest to reclaim their treasure from the marauding dragon Smaug, and Gandalf has chosen Bilbo to act as their “burglar.” The dwarves are skeptical of Gandalf’s choice for a burglar, and Bilbo is terrified of leaving his comfortable life to seek adventure.

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Who killed Smaug?

Smaug attacks Lake-town in The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, and is killed by Bard with a black arrow, his body falling on the boat carrying the fleeing Master of Lake-town.

What is the approach in a hero’s journey?

The Approach: The hero’s initial plan to deal with the central conflict begins, but setbacks force him to try a new approach or adopt new ideas. The Ordeal: Things go wrong, and more conflict is introduced, forcing the hero to face more difficult hurdles and obstacles, some of which may lead to a life crisis.

What does the mentor do in the hero’s journey?

The Mentor is an important Archetype who provides motivation, insights, and training to help the Hero overcome his doubts and fears and prepare for the Journey. The Mentor has often traveled the road before and can provide needed guidance to a Hero who is afraid to face the unknown.

What is the approach in Harry Potter?

The Approach includes the trio approaching the chamber where the Stone is kept, as well as the trials (such as Fluffy, the Devil’s Snare, the winged keys, the real-life chess, and the room of potions). For Harry, the ultimate Ordeal is his encounter with Quirrell/Voldemort.

How is Bilbo Baggins a hero?

Of course, Bilbo possesses some elements of heroism: he has a sword that he names Sting, a symbol of power and strength, he acquires armour, and he is finally brave when he walks into Smaug’s lair; his decisions are based on his personality and morality, and he is the hero he is without being a mighty warrior.

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Why is there so much singing in the Hobbit?

Tolkien was showing rather than telling, which is a requirement for all great fiction, and the crazy fun songs, such as Sam’s troll song, are there to break up the monotony of the journey, to lighten otherwise tense moods, and to provide some character for the hobbits’ society.

What two things did Gandalf give Thorin?

Gandalf gives Thorin a map and a key, which are the two things he gives him.

What happens in the beginning of The Hobbit?

The wizard Gandalf pays a visit to the hobbit Bilbo Baggins and invites him to join in an adventure, but Bilbo declines, preferring the safety and comfort of his hobbit-hole.

What is the main point of The Hobbit?

Bilbo’s transformation into a hero, which more broadly represents the transformation of a common person into a hero, is the central theme of The Hobbit. At the start of the story, Bilbo is timid, comfortable, and complacent in his secure little hole at Bag End.

What is the purpose of the adventure The Hobbit?

The Hobbit follows Bilbo Baggins, the titular hobbit, on his quest to win a share of the treasure guarded by Smaug the dragon, set in Tolkien’s fictional universe.

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