FAQ: How Is Enrique’s Journey Affected By Antagonists?

What is the theme of Enrique’s Journey?

The Beast is the term Enrique and other migrants use to describe the treacherous and terrible state of Chiapas in Mexico, and it becomes a symbol for the dangers and threats that the journey to the United States as a whole holds.

Who is the antagonist in Enrique’s Journey?

The protagonist is the main character Enrique, and the antagonists are the Mexican police officers who assaulted and stole from innocent people traveling through Mexico. There are many supporting characters, but his mother, Lourdes, and his girlfriend, Maria Isabel, are the most important.

What were some of the dangers that she was going to have to face Enrique’s Journey?

Riding the trains is dangerous because the metal tops become hot, and if migrants fall asleep, they can be robbed by gangs or banditos. On Enrique’s first attempt, he nearly falls between the roofs of two train cars, nearly falling beneath the wheels.

What is the main conflict in Enrique’s Journey?

Enrique’s sense of abandonment when his mother abandoned him and his sisters in Honduras was a major source of conflict in this book, which is why he travels to America to find his mother.

What is the tone of Enrique’s Journey?

Because, once again, the book is discussing a serious issue, the tone is solemn.

Who is Father in Enrique’s Journey?

After his grandmother kicks him out of the house, Enrique’s father, Luis, takes him in, but their relationship is short-lived, as Luis finds another woman and leaves Enrique to start a new family.

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Who is the main character in Enrique’s Journey?

Enrique is the protagonist of this nonfiction story, and he embarks on an odyssey from Honduras to the United States in search of his mother.

Why does Enrique turn to drugs for comfort?

He is frustrated by his mother and has many abandonment issues; additionally, a beloved uncle dies, causing him much distress, and he turns to drugs for comfort. Enrique and Belky accept the gifts, but they will never be enough in comparison to their mother’s presence.

What happened to Enrique’s uncle Marco?

The thieves shoot Uncle Marco three times in the chest and once in the leg, and they shoot his brother in the face, killing both of them.

What is the main idea of Enrique’s Journey?

Perseverance and Survival: Much of Enrique’s journey is about overcoming impossible obstacles, confronting extreme danger, and surviving. At the age of 17, Enrique manages to travel from Honduras through 13 of Mexico’s most violent states and cross the border into the United States, thanks in large part to his tenacity.

What happens at the end of Enrique’s Journey?

Finally, she decides to join Enrique in the United States, knowing that if she does so now, her daughter will have a better chance of growing up in America with both of her parents. The book ends in much the same way that it began: with a mother leaving behind her young child, unable to say goodbye.

What is the plot of Enrique’s Journey?

Enrique’s Journey is a story about risk, courage, love, and danger, in which Enrique’s mother, Lourdes, abandons him and his sister, Belky, in Honduras in order to travel to the United States. Lourdes abandons her children because she needs to earn money to feed them and allow them to complete their education.

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Is Enrique journey a true story?

Enrique’s Journey is a true story about a young boy’s perilous journey from Honduras to America to join his mother. Enrique feels abandoned by his mother and unloved by his extended family, but he dreams of one day reuniting with his mother.

What does the train symbolize in Enrique’s Journey?

The freight trains that Enrique and countless other migrants ride through Mexico represent deliveranceu2014or at least the promise of salvationu2014because they are a means for migrants to hope for a better life in the more prosperous United States, but they also represent great danger.

Who is the speaker in Enrique’s Journey?

Sonia Nazario, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist whose book “Enrique’s Journey” became a New York Times bestseller, will speak on “Understanding Immigration and Life on Both Sides of the Border” on Oct. 17 at Auburn University.

What happens in chapter 6 of Enrique’s Journey?

Lourdes’ boyfriend drives from North Carolina to Orlando, picks up Enrique, and returns him to North Carolina, where he finds his mother sleeping in her bed. He rushes over to her and gives her a hug and a kiss, and she awakens.

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