Form I 131 Application For Travel Document?

How long does it take to get travel document I 131?

three months

What is I 131 Application for Travel Document?

Certain individuals may use Form I-131, Application for Travel Document, to apply for a Reentry Permit, Refugee Travel Document or Advance Parole. Basically, the travel document helps protect the individual’s ability to reenter the United States.

How can I apply for travel document?

How to Apply

  • Complete the Form I-131, Application for Travel Document. Review the form instructions for directions on completing the Form I‑131.
  • Submit the Filing Fee(s). Include the appropriate filing fee with the Form I-765 and biometric services fee (if applicable).
  • Submit evidence.
  • Sign and File the Form I-131.

Can I file I 131 online?

You may submit Form I-131 by mail or online to USCIS. You can find direct filing addresses on the USCIS website. For online applications, information about where to send your supporting documentation is provided when you submit your application electronically.Travel

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