How Far Does A 30 06 Bullet Travel?

For a 165 grain bullet, the muzzle velocity of the.30-06 cartridge is approximately 2800 feet per second. Around 250 yards into the round, the terrain is relatively level. After then, the price starts to fall. It will begin to drop a bit more steeply between 250 and 275 yards from the starting line.

How far can a 30-06 bullet travel?

An other common bullet, the 30-06 Springfield, has an effective range that varies greatly depending on the muzzle velocity, bullet weight, and environmental conditions. My own personal experience has shown that a 30.06 bullet can fly much beyond the 400-yard mark. With my Savage 110 30-06 rifle, I was able to take down a buck at a distance of 415 yards on one my hunting outings.

How much does a 30 06 bullet drop at 300 yards?

At 300 yards, how much does a 150 grain 30 06 bullet deviate from its trajectory?At such speeds and with both rounds sighted in 2-inches high at 100 yards, the difference in drop between 150- and 180-grain bullets is 2.82 inches at 300 yards, 5.73 inches at 400 yards, and 9.69 inches at 500 yards, depending on how far out you shoot.In this case, how far does a 30 06 bullet go when fired from 300 yards?

How far does a 40 caliber bullet travel?

The distance traveled by a 40-caliber bullet is determined by the muzzle velocity of the projectile. The majority of 40 caliber bullets travel at a velocity of between 1200 and 1400 feet per second on average. When shot from 5 feet above the ground and under ideal conditions, the bullet may go up to 6600 feet in altitude. The 45 caliber bullet is yet another common handgun bullet.

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What is the range of a Springfield 30/06?

With its original 150-grain spire point bullet traveling at 2,700 feet per second, the Springfield 30/06 was approved for an extreme range of 4.75 miles and an effective shooting range of 1,000 yards with its original 150-grain spire point bullet. In order to accommodate ranges out to 2,850 yards, a flip up rear leaf sight was installed.

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