How To Find Southwest Travel Funds?

How to Check the Balance of Your Southwest Travel Funds

  • To check the balance of your Southwest Travel Funds, click on Flight in the top menu, then click Manage Reservations.
  • Click View Travel Funds.
  • Input your first and last name, plus the confirmation number for the flight that the Travel Funds are associated with.

Do I have Southwest travel funds?

Check Travel Funds. Have some travel funds floating around? See what balance you’re working with from any unused or canceled flight reservations, Southwest┬« gift cards, or Southwest LUV Vouchers┬«. If you need to look up more than one, you can search up to four of each at a time.

Do southwest travel funds expire?

Southwest travel funds expire one year from the date of purchase of the original flight. He purchased the original flight in July 2017. That meant that his Southwest travel funds expire one year from that date. Further, all travel must be completed, not just planned, by the expiration date.

Can you extend southwest travel funds?

Southwest travel funds will expire one year from the purchase date (booking date) of the original flight. Southwest Airlines does not offer free extensions for the expiration date for travel funds. However, you still might be able to get them to extend the expiration date of your travel funds.Travel

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