How To Get Soban In Kenji’s Journey?

Kenji’s Journey/Dragon

After being blamed for his father’s death, Kenji Oja flees, and 7 years later, he sees a Dragon Clan village being raided by several Serpent Clan Bandits; he assists the Dragon Clan Peasants by killing the Bandits, and is captured by the survivors at Otomo’s base.

First Crossroads

After Lord Oja’s death, Shinja, a Serpent Clan general, controls two provinces: one in the east, which is controlled by his mercenaries, including Dragon Archers, and the other in the west, which is where Shinja resides and must be destroyed to force him out.

Second Crossroads

You must build a force before approaching Garrin, and Kenji must find the Serpent Orb in the Swan’s Pool in the northern area. The route in the west is a Wolf Clan-held town; if you choose this route first, all you have to do is kill the Master Warlock.

Swan’s Pool

When you visit the Swan’s Pool, Kazan will appear near the pool, talking to you. Meanwhile, a Wolf raiding party led by Longtooth tries to destroy the Pool and steal the orb, but a Ninja flees the scene in the middle of the fight.


Kenji pursues the Ninja from Swan’s Pool, but gets caught up in a fight between the Lotus and Wolf clans; after the fight, he corners the Ninja, but he vanishes; after defeating them, you must eliminate all of them to gain access to the Serpentholm.

Third Crossroads

In order to save Gaihla, you must destroy three Shaleries and a Cairn. If you can save her, she will become your ally. As of version 1.50q, this mission is bugged and cannot be completed.

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The Dragon Spire

Kenji will leave Shinja and Otomo to find a suitable location for a base. However, when he arrives on the Dragonspire, he is confronted by Dragon Clan fighters guarding the area, and he must fight the Dragon Warriors and avoid the boulders in order to reach the Spire.

Ending Shinja’s Betrayal

Kenji needed to find and kill Shinja, but the traitor was holed up with his Serpent army in the area, so he buried Otomo’s body in a simple grave and vowed to kill Shinja.

Returning to Serpentholm

Kenji must return to Serpentholm after killing the traitor in order to keep both the Lotus and Serpentholm under Zymeth’s control, and you must destroy his forces in the area.

Fourth Crossroads

If you help the Monks, Ninjas try to attack the Monastery; if you help them, they attack your Monastery.

The Last of the Lotus

Kenji must build his forces as quickly as possible to prevent Zymeth’s forces from being destroyed, and then wipe out all of Zymeth’s forces in the area.

Rise of Nightvol

To put an end to Nightvol’s threat and the Hordeling army’s rise, Kenji must defeat both of them.

How do you get Budo in Kenji’s journey?

Budo also appears in Kenji’s Journey; in the Serpent campaign, if Kenji intrudes on his property after he was defeated by Greyback seven years ago, he will drive him away, but will join you if a Fan Geisha is presented.

How do you get Koril in Battle Realms?

If the player chooses to side with the Serpent Clan in the original Battle Realms campaign, Koril (along with a large army of Lotus Warriors) will attack Kenji in the relevant mission.

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Is Kenji serpent or dragon?

In the original Battle Realms campaign, “Kenji’s Journey,” Kenji is a Zen Master of the Dragon Clan or the Serpent Clan, and one of the game’s main protagonists, alongside Grayback.

Where is Utara in Kenji’s journey?

When Utara is found, she will self-recruit, and she can be found in Wolf’s Keep in the middle of the map, as well as a Lotus Clan village led by Koril.

How do you get garrin in Battle Realms?

If the player chooses the middle path to Swan’s Pool, regardless of whether Kenji is on the Dragon/Serpent path, Garrin appears in Kenji’s Journey.

How do you get Tao Battle Realms?

Despite being a member of the Dragon Clan, Tao can be recruited by Kenji regardless of his clan in “Kenji’s Journey” (the original Battle Realms Campaign); however, Tao will only join him if Kenji chooses to recruit minor Zen Masters who directly oppose his clan’s Yin/Yang affiliation.

What is new in Battle Realms Zen Edition?

Unlike the 2013 GOG re-release of Battle Realms Winter Of The Wolf, Zen Edition includes improvements, bug fixes, and online multiplayer support, as well as Steam Early Access and a plan to move the release forward, potentially resurrecting the franchise and remastering the game.

Who is Taro in Battle Realms?

Taro is a Serpent Clan Zen Master who can be found in the Battle Realms expansion pack Winter of the Wolf.

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