How To Measure Travel Trailer Length?

Measure the length of a travel trailer starting from the ball mount and continuing all the way to the rear bumper.According to the RVIA, the marketed length should correspond to the length of the useable ″floor plan.″ In other words, the tongue and rear bumper should not be included in the measurement of the overall length.As a result, a trailer labeled as 20 feet in length may really be 23-24 feet in total length.

It is just the distance between the front wall and the back wall of the trailer, measured inside.The outer length of the trailer should be measured without the trailer tongue in the picture.The overall length of the trailer is the whole length of the trailer.You should be aware of the length of the trailer without the hitch as well as the length of the trailer with the hitch and tow vehicle.

How do you measure a camper trailer?

Rather of measuring the camper’s outer length and breadth, it is more accurate to measure it as a trailer without a camper overtop and subtracting the additional length of the trailer’s portions that do not have a camper overtop. For example, you will not include the length of the trailer tongue in your calculations. There is a possibility that you have two distinct width measurements.

How do RV parks measure length?

How do RV parks determine the length of a vehicle? To determine the length of an RV, you must first determine the outside length of the RV, its width, and, in certain cases, the length of the trailer and hitch. When you measure your RV in this manner, you will have a more exact picture of the size of your RV and whether or not you fulfill the park’s size standards.

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Is there a standard length for RV trailers?

According to the RVIA, the claimed length should be measured in terms of the useable ″floor plan″ length, rather than the entire exterior length of the building. For example, the lengthy tongue and actual bumper of a travel trailer should not be taken into consideration. The brochures will normally mention the overall length (outside length is usually stated as such).

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