How To Paint An Aluminum Travel Trailer?

How do you paint an aluminum camper?

Use Painter’s tape and tape over door and window frames. Apply a coat of aluminum oxide primer paint to the camper. This primer can be found at most hardware, boating or camping retailers. Apply the primer with either a roller, brush or sprayer if you have one.

What kind of paint do you use on a camper?

After the corners are painted we used Rust-Oleum auto body primer to spray over the entire trailer with a HVLP paint sprayer and a compressor to apply the primer onto the trailer. We did two coats of primer and used just about 1½ gallons of primer to cover the entire 24-ft. trailer.

What’s the best paint for aluminum siding?

Exterior acrylic latex paint works best on aluminum siding. Choose a paint recommended for metal. A flat or satin finish paint is ideal for your aluminum siding.

How do you paint a vintage travel trailer?

Vintage Shasta Camper Trailer Restoration – Exterior Painting Begins!!Travel

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