How To Play The Journey Fifa 17 On Xbox 360?

FIFA 17 The Journey on Xbox 360: EA Sports talks story mode and saves

The Journey, FIFA 17’s story mode, is proving popular on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Some fans have been wondering if The Journey will come to Xbox 360 and PS3. EA Sports has clarified that it will not be available on last-gen consoles. FIFA 17 is available now on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Is the journey on FIFA 17 Xbox 360?

The Journey, which follows young footballer Alex Hunter’s journey to world dominance, combines traditional football gameplay with RPG-style player choice, but it will not be available on Xbox 360 or PS3 due to the outdated hardware.

How do you play journey on FIFA 17?

Walkthrough for FIFA 17: The Journey

  1. First match, tour, season opener, and coming off the bench.
  2. Farmed out on loan.
  3. Grinding it out in the Championship.
  4. Grinding it out again, this time in the Premier League.

Can you play FIFA 17 the journey offline?

Although internet access is required to open Ultimate Team, the mode allows for both online and offline gameplay.

How do you play journey on FIFA?

Tips for FIFA 19: The Journey of Champions

  1. Spend your Skill Points.
  2. Don’t worry too much about the dialogue options.
  3. Don’t simulate training because it could easily kick you out of the starting XI and you’ll miss out on improving your overall skills.

Does FIFA 18 Xbox 360 have the journey?

The adventure continues with FIFA 18’s “The Journey: Hunter Returns,” which will be available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Switch, though “The Journey” will not be available in those formats. FIFA 18 will also be available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Switch, though “The Journey” will not be.

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How many games do you play in FIFA 17 the journey?

During your playthrough of The Journey, you’ll spend about 13 games on loan, and while you’d think you’d have to play like a pro to get recalled back to your home club, it’s not that difficult.

Is FIFA 17 the best?

Much is made of sports game close-ups, which are of course important, but from the perspective of gameplay camera, FIFA 17 is far and away the best in the series (and possibly of any sports game to date).

What is the journey in FIFA 17?

The Journey, which debuted in FIFA 17, was the first of its kind, the first FIFA story mode that focused on a single character’s career, powered by both user choice and actual match gameplay, and allowed players to experience Alex Hunter’s story firsthand thanks to powerfully rendered cinematics from the Frostbite engine.

Is the journey in FIFA 20?

The Journey, the cinematic story mode that concluded character Alex Hunter’s story in FIFA 19, is no longer available in FIFA 20. Instead, this custom character becomes the star of Volta, much like Alex Hunter was in The Journey.

Is it better to be fiery or cool in the journey?

As in the first game, choosing the cool response will gain you favor with the manager and more playing time, but it will cost you Twitter followers (not a lot, mind you), whereas choosing the fiery response will gain you followers.

Is there a journey mode in FIFA 21?

There are currently no plans to bring The Journey back for future versions of FIFA, but Hunter and Williams both made cameo appearances in Volta Football in FIFA 20.

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How many chapters is FIFA 20 journey?

This year’s installment of The Journey is only four chapters long, plus a prologue.

Is Volta in FIFA 21?

Volta is a spiritual successor to FIFA Street, but instead of big stadiums, realistic football, and recognizable superstars, it focuses on tight, intricate, and skillful street football.

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