How To Say Travel In Spanish?

What are two ways to say to be in Spanish?

the two ways of saying “to be” in Spanish, and when to use each one

  • I am. Play. yo soy. (ser)
  • you are. Play. tú eres. (ser)
  • he / she / it is. Play. él es. (ser)
  • we are. Play. nosotros somos. (ser)
  • you all are. (Latin American Spanish) Play. ustedes son.
  • you all are. (European Spanish) Play. vosotros sois.
  • they are. Play. ellos son. (ser)

How do I learn to travel Spanish?

Best Method to Learn Spanish for Travelers? –

What are some common Spanish phrases?

Spanish Phrases

  1. ¡Buenos días, Estela! – Good morning, Estela!
  2. Buenos días, Esteban. ¿Cómo estás? – Good morning, Esteban. How are you?
  3. Bien, ¿y tú? – Well, how about you?
  4. Como siempre. – As always.
  5. Buenos días – good morning.
  6. Buenas tardes – good afternoon.
  7. Buenas noches – good evening.
  8. Hola – hello.

What is the verb to travel in Spanish?


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