How To Time Travel With Turnips?

In accordance with what Daisy Mae said, your turnips will go bad if you skip over the following Sunday and continue on to the following Monday with them. Nevertheless, during the week in which you purchased your turnips, you are free to engage in risk-free time travel with them so long as you advance your timeline by no more than two days.

Does time traveling spoil turnips?

For those who are unaware, traveling through time has the same effect on turnips as storing them for an excessive amount of time does. This is especially true if you time travel to a Sunday, which is the day that Daisy Mae distributes her products.

Will the price of turnips stay the same?

Regarding the turnip pricing, the answer is that the price will not change as long as it is still the same time of day. Brett, formerly of Kamp Krusty, has arrived at New Horizons. Energy73 has made a post. If you go back in time, turnips will still be good, but I’m not sure about going forward.

Can you sell turnips with TT forward?

This signature is without a doubt the most impressive one on GameFAQs. Your turnips will rot if you go back any amount from the last log off, and it will also rot if it passes to the following sun. This means that with tt you will ultimately run out of days to sell them, but with tt forward it is feasible, but moving back or too far ahead will ruin them.

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Should I Sell my turnips to find ants?

The resident Animal Crossing: New Horizons specialist at Polygon, Julia Lee, recommended that I sell my turnips to those hunting for ants as a potential market. As a result, I opened the gates to my property and waited. I discovered something interesting, which is that spoiled turnips are equally as popular as excellent selling prices.

How do you time travel a turnip price?

How can I time my trip to get the best rates on turnips?

  1. Check your pricing on Tuesday at 11:58 AM and TT to that time
  2. If the price falls outside of the range of 127 to 225, you should withdraw your money and walk away
  3. When the price is within the range of 127 to 225, continue playing the game until 12:00 PM, at which point you should check the price again
  4. If you feel that the price is not sufficient, proceed to Step 1

How do you keep turnips from spoiling when time traveling?

Unfortunately, there is no way to save your turnips after they have been spoiled. When participating in a game involving the Turnip Market and time travel, the most effective tactic is to continually advance your clock by one day. By doing so, your turnips won’t ever go bad, and you’ll have the opportunity to earn millions upon millions of bells.

Will turnip prices change if I time travel?

Nope. Even a one-minute difference in trip time might result in different pricing.

Can I travel back a few hours with turnips?

I must have time-traveled to Sunday night when I was trying to reset the clock on my Nintendo Switch; however, according to what I’ve read, traveling backward will always result in spoiled turnips, whereas traveling forward will not always result in spoiled turnips, as long as you don’t hit the next Sunday.

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Is 127 bells good for turnips?

The Ideal Time to Market Turnips Turnips may be purchased from Daisy Mae for somewhere between 90 and 110 bells. Make an effort to make a purchase from her while the price is on the lower end.

What days are turnip prices highest?

  • There are also ″spikes″ in the market; however, Wednesday often experiences the most significant spike that is favorable to participants.
  • Prices are certain to be higher on Wednesdays, but they typically increase by a factor of two after midnight on such days.
  • Therefore, you should sell those turnips before 8 o’clock and, after that, either go star gazing or do something else that is just as profitable in the evening.

Will turnips rot if I go to another island?

It would appear that traveling through someone else’s island in the past while using time travel won’t cause your turnips to decay.

How much are spoiled turnips worth?

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Spoiled Turnips
Buy price Sell price
Not for sale 100 Bells
Obtain via Turnips (Expired)
Stack 1

What can I do with spoiled turnips?

All that is required of you is to place the rotten turnips on the ground and wait for them to decompose. Flies and ants will eventually approach towards the rotten food in order to acquire a meal, and when they do, you will have the chance to catch the insects for your collection.

Can you TT backwards in ACNH?

Additionally, going through time does not make it possible to rewind or turn back time. Even if you go through time in the wrong direction, you won’t lose any of the accomplished tasks or objects you’ve gained along the way.

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