I 551 Stamp In Passport Travel?

Can I travel with I 551 stamp?

The I-551 stamp is proof of lawful permanent residence, and is issued so he can travel between being granted the residence status and the actual permanent residence (Green) card arriving. The I-551 stamp is valid for one year, and the Green Card usually takes between 3-6 months to be delivered.

How do I get my i 551 stamp?

An I-551 stamp can be obtained at a local USCIS office by scheduling an InfoPass appointment. The appointment can be booked online through the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website (https://my.uscis.gov/en/appointment/v2).

Do I need I 551 stamp?

Permanent residents who applied for a renewal Green Card but have not yet received their card must obtain an I-551 stamp. This stamp serves as temporary evidence that foreign nationals are in the process of renewing or replacing their Green Cards and that they are authorized to live and work in the United States.

Can I travel to Canada with I 551 stamp on my passport?

Your valid green card (or valid I-551 stamp on your passport) is sufficient proof of U.S. permanent residence. If you have a U.S. green card, and travel to Canada from another country, you will need a valid passport, but you don’t need a visa.

Is there a fee for I 551 stamp?

An I-551 stamp does not cost you any direct fee, but to get Form I-90—which is a mandatory document that you must submit during your InfoPass appointment—you need to pay a fee of $445. Moreover, a biometric procedure, if applicable, will cost you an additional $85.

Is I 551 same as green card?

Well, an I-551 Form is a Green Card. In the olden days, this document used to be green in color and was therefore called a “green card”. The basic of the document remain the same. The form grants you permanent resident status.

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How long it takes to get i 551 stamp?

You need to bring the required documents mentioned in this article for your I-551 stamp request to get approved. It may take up to 12 months for the entire renewal procedure to be completed, depending upon the staffing and workload levels of the USCIS.

What does a temporary I 551 stamp look like?

An I-551 stamp is temporary evidence of lawful permanent residence. It is issued in the passport upon arrival in the US, and serves as proof that the immigrant has permanent resident status while the actual green card is being generated.

How soon can I get I 551 stamp?

6 to 12 monthsTravel

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