Post Office Travel Money Card App?

Can I use my Post Office Travel Money Card online?

Post Office Travel appYen sale is cash only. Travel Money Card is the safe, hassle-free payment option accepted by shops, restaurants and bars around the world. Order online now or pick up at your local Post Office branch.

How do I activate my Post Office Travel Money Card?

Card activationYou’ll need to activate your travel card before you can use it. When you do this, you’ll get a PIN and a six-digit access code. You can activate it on the Post Office’s website, by SMS or by calling their customer support. If you ordered your travel card online, you can activate it immediately.

Can I check my post office account online?

No, Post Office Current Account mobile banking is available to customers who have activated their Post Office Online Banking PIN. Once these have been activated you can access Mobile Banking using your existing online login details.

What is the best travel money card?

Best travel money cards

  • Some travel money cards have high fees so they aren’t worth it if you’re only taking a short trip.
  • Our top 3 picks are: 7-Eleven Go Visa Prepaid, NAB Traveller card and Qantas Travel Money.
  • CHOICE members say that travel money cards are convenient and easy to use.


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