Prayer For Safe Travel For A Loved One?

How do you wish someone safe travel?

Generic Safe Journey Quotes

  • Bon Voyage and get there safe!
  • Safe Travels!
  • Enjoy the journey!
  • The road ahead may be long and winding but you’ll make it there safe and sound.
  • Wishing you a safe journey and a relaxing vacation when you arrive!
  • May your journey be free from stress and bring you home safely.

What is a safe journey message for him?

Safe Journey Prayer MessagesGo in the way of safety, and be back in the way of love. I wish you have a happy and Safe Journey, hoping to see you lovely and safe again soon. You are someone who I respect, for your strength of character! May the journey that you are going on be unassailable!

What saint is for safe travels?

St. Christopher

How do you thank God for safe journey?

O gracious God, heavenly Father, I render thanks to Thee from my inmost heart that Thou hast granted me a safe journey. It is due to Thy fatherly care that I have been preserved from all harm, that I have not been killed by robbers or wild animals nor have perished or suffered injury in floods or other dangers.Travel

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