Question: How To Start Diablo Season Journey?

Seasons in Diablo 3

Seasons in Diablo last about three months and allow players to start over from the beginning, with all gold, items, and characters from the non-seasonal side of the game being lost.

The Season Journey

The Season Journey allows players to prepare for each season by completing four main chapters that grant set pieces, as well as additional extra sets of objectives that “upgrade” the visual of that season’s portrait frame and grant additional rewards.

Completing the Season Journey

There is a faster way to complete the main four chapters: kill the Keywardens in each act and clear all of the bounties, then split up and complete a Greater Rift Level 20 solo, which will give you the final pieces of your set.

Extended Seasonal Journey

After completing the main four chapters, you can “enlist” in the extended journey by going to the Season Journey page in-game. While the majority of it is similar to the first four chapters, there are a few notable new additions worth mentioning.

Set Dungeons

The Slayer chapter requires you to complete a “Set Dungeon,” which are dungeons designed for players to complete using a specific set for their class. Rather than mastering the set dungeon, which is required in the Champion chapter, you will simply have to complete it for this chapter.


Conquests are specific tasks that rotate between seasons, with a different set of conquests available for players to complete each season. Defeat over 350 monsters at Level 70 in any Cursed Chest event on Torment X or higher. Complete 1 conquest for one objective in the Destroyer chapter.

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The Final Chapter Rewards

Guardian, the final chapter, rewards you with a one-of-a-kind pet and portrait frame, as well as a one-of-a-kind reward for completing the game.

How do I get started in Diablo?

Before You Begin: Tips for Getting the Most Out of Diablo III

  1. Get a Good Pair of Headphones.
  2. Try Every Character Class.
  3. See the Map?
  4. If You See a Door, Go Through It.
  5. Pick Up Everything.
  6. As Soon As You Can, Start Crafting.
  7. Make Friends and Play With Them.

What is the best solo class in Diablo 3?

The Best Diablo 3 Solo Classes, Ranked Worst to Best

  • 5 MONK.
  • 2 WIZARD.

What is the best class in Diablo 3?

[Latest Patch] Diablo 3 Best Class [Ranked Tier List]

  • 1) Demon Hunter (S-Tier)
  • 2) Barbarian (S-Tier)
  • 3) Monk (A-Tier)
  • 4) Necromancer (A-Tier)
  • 5) Crusader (B-Tier)
  • 6) Sorcerer (C-Tier)
  • 7) Arcanist (D-Tier)
  • 8) Sorcerer (C-Tier)
  • 9) Sorcerer (C-Tier)

What is a seasonal journey?

The Season Journey is a set of tasks and objectives that new and returning players can complete to help guide and frame the flow of seasonal play.

Where can I get season journey rewards?

Go to the ‘Seasonal Journey’ screen, highlight the section you were able to complete, and players should see a ‘Claim Reward’ function.

How do you get season journey rewards Diablo 3?

For those unfamiliar with Seasons, here’s how it works: Finishing Chapters 2, 3, and 4 of the Season Journey will reward you with three Haedrig’s Gifts, each of which contains a few pieces from one of your Class Sets. Players can only unlock one Class Set per Season in this manner, so choose wisely!

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What Diablo should I start with?

D3 is a good place to start, followed by D2 if you prefer it old school, and D1 if you despise yourself a little.

Are there cheats for Diablo 3?

If you’re looking for new ways to play Diablo 3 beyond finishing the story mode and exploring Adventure mode, there are a slew of cheats and unlockables to try out, including an entirely new unlockable area.

How do I start Diablo 3 from scratch?

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Open Diablo III.
  2. Click on Game Settings.
  3. Select Campaign in the upper left.
  4. Change in the middle panel.
  5. Select The Fallen Star quest in Act I to start the game.

How do I get Haedrig’s gift?

Haedrig’s Gift is a bonus Item Set feature that was added to the game in Patch 2.4 and made available for the first time in Season Five. It is obtained by completing various objectives in the Season Journey, with three different achievements each granting two pieces of a predetermined (by class) item set.

How do you start a challenge in Rift?

To access the Challenge Rift, players must have reached level 70 and completed a Greater Rift; once this is done, the Challenge Rift area can be found in the Game Settings Menu.

How do you make a Hellfire amulet?

Obtaining the Amulet Use the Blacksmith to turn those keys into Infernal Machine blueprints, then use the Infernal Machines to open portals and battle the 4 Ubers. Each portal of Ubers has a chance to drop Demonic Organs, which players must collect before taking them to the Jeweler to be turned into a Hellfire Ring or Hellfire Amulet.

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