Question: Journey Game How To Fins Partner?


The term “Journey’s Companion” refers to a Wayfarer who travels with you and is possibly the most important aspect of the game. While exploring the world, the player may encounter other players who are similar to them, known as Companions, who can help but cannot hinder the player.


Chirping will create a signal that the Companion can see from a distance; if they are too far behind and can’t reach it in time, a disconnect will occur. For more information, read the connection guide.

There are no mean Companions “dogma”[]

The magic of Journey is created through Companions, when you try to figure out what each other wants by observing, keeping an eye on each other, and chirping at empty scarfs.

Types of Companions[]

Add types of Companion that you met (means you met that kind several times so it can be assumed that there are more than one player with that style) to this section. This list cannot be complete; however, you can expand it by editing this section.

Recognise how experienced your Companion is[]

Journey’s Robe Embroidery gives you some information about your Companion’s experience level, but keep in mind that some people are playing on another device or have deleted their save files, making them a “fake first run.” See Winterfuchs’ quote below.

First run[]

After their first Journey, some Companions may treat you like an AI, which is a good thing because it amplifies the impact of the first Journey. Remember how your first Journey went – some people pick up game mechanics quickly, while others take their time or have difficulty understanding how things work.


If the runner gets connected close to the other one, yes, it will mess his camera and potentially lead to a loss of boost. There is a coop speedrun category, but it will be with an arranged partner.

Slow Traveller[]

It takes time: they show you a trick and you try to copy it, they do vast tours in several OOB areas, just doing tricks and Challenges; they really take their time on a Journey and like to show “everything.”

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Some people choose a nice place to sit down when they need a short break, while others choose images of companions wearing the Wayfarers robe and embroidery, which indicates up to tier 4 how many journeys they have taken.

Sunappoi about first meetings with Companions[]

They came up to me as if I were a toddler or an elderly man crossing a pedestrian crossing, and I clung to their backs like a koala, impressed by what appeared one after another – Sunappoi, on Discord.

0278 on “meeting Companions”[]

“I think it’s super cool because going on a journey with different people is always so different because everyone has their own trick:D u201e.” and I think it’s super cool to be able to experience different parts of the body at the same time.

Matheusdm5 on Journey and Companions[]

“Journey is essentially a game,” Matheus says. “You wander aimlessly, unsure of your role, and you build your story, together with a companion who becomes a great friend, until the end of your journey, with various emotions.”

-Inf- on “re-playability”[]

Journey is more about the interactions you have with the people you meet than it is about the traditional sense of story or plot progression; as a result, it has a lot of re-playability, and you’ll never meet the same type of companion twice (apart from arranged journeys).

Over_speedrunning on “travelling alone or with Companions”[]

When you’re with others, it’s more about sharing the moment, the feelings; when you’re on your own, it’s more about you; it’s an internal journey full of battles with yourself, your wants, your struggles, and your goals.

Ravingmadness on “like meditating”[]

Walking in serpentines, touching each other in the middle, and chirping in the same rythm –> those things make you concentrate so much, it’s like meditation.

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Zerathine on how travelling with Companions makes you play differently[]

Zerathine: I think I play more for the company of a companion, which necessitates adapting play styles, and I wouldn’t say it’s entirely altruistic; there’s a sense of selfishness in it, too – Zerathine.

Do you play with real players in journey?

Journey’s multiplayer accomplishes this in a unique way: it is seamlessly integrated, with players simply encountering one another in the game world and relying on simple chirps to communicate with one another.

Is there another player in journey?

Other players on the same journey can be found, and two players can meet and help each other, but they can’t communicate with each other via speech or text, and they can’t see each other’s names until the game’s credits have rolled.

How many companions can you have in journey?

Meeting more than eight companions The CMATW list can only hold eight names; on the PS3, you can see more companions in the “players met” menu, but they don’t have symbols assigned to them.

Does journey have NPCS?

Journey is a PlayStation 3 game that will be released on the PlayStation 4, but it can also be thought of as an interactive film.

Can you choose who you play Journey with?

Although the game is designed for random encounters with an unknown friend, there are ways to travel with a specific person: choose a friend, someone from the in-game meetings channel on Discord, or someone you’ve previously played with.

How do you sit down in Journey?

To sit, press the menu button, enter on the keyboard, or activate the screensaver and moving camera (see the How to play guide for Journey#Controls). Your Companion may also sit down.

Can you play Journey without PS+?

Artemis: Journey on PS4 does not require PS Plus as of 2019-10-29.

How many endings does Journey have?

There are two endings to Journey to the Savage Planet.

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How many levels are in Journey?

Journey is divided into eight chapters, each of which takes a different amount of time to complete; on average, a standard playthrough with an average amount of exploration takes about two hours.

Who are the best companions in outer worlds?

The Best Companions in the Outer Worlds, Ranked

  • 6 SAM
  • 5 Ellie
  • 4 Felix
  • 3 Nyoka
  • 2 Vicar Max
  • 1 Parvati
  • 6 SAM
  • 2 Vicar

Is Journey couch co op?

Is there couch co-op in Journey to the Savage Planet? Unfortunately, there is no local multiplayer in Journey to the Savage Planet; if you want to play with a friend, you’ll have to play online, and that friend will also need to own a copy of the game.

Is Felix good outer worlds?

Felix, on the other hand, is a good member to have around, especially if you’re not very good at persuasion. Dialog checks are important in The Outer Worlds, and Felix gives you a passive bonus to persuasion that can be quite useful.

What is the meaning of Journey game?

Journey is a sand-based adventure game in which players control a spindly character dressed in a red robe who can walk, run, and jump around the world, as well as “surf” down sand dunes, ride rippling sand waves, and even draw sketches in the sand with their feet.

Who made Journey?

During graduate school, Jenova Chen, co-founder of Thatgamecompany and creative director of Journey, played a lot of World of Warcraft and knew he wanted to make an MMO one day – a type of game that is synonymous with scope and scale, rightly or wrongly.

Why is Journey such a good game?

Journey is a masterful game that crams more emotion and euphoric gameplay moments into one hour than most games do in their 40-plus hour runtimes, and it does so without saying a single word to the player.

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