Quick Answer: How The Movie Carol’s Journey Relates To The Civil War?

Carol’s Journey

Carol’s Journey (Spanish: El viaje de Carol) is a Spanish drama film from 2002 about a young Spanish-American girl visiting her family’s hometown during the Spanish Civil War.

Plot summary

Carol, 12, travels to her family’s hometown in 1938 during the Spanish Civil War, where her American father, Robert, is fighting on the front lines as a pilot with the International Brigade. Aurora’s family is conservative and middle-class, and her liberal American manners cause cultural shock in the community.

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What is the theme of Carol’s Journey?

Carol’s Journey (Spanish title: El Viaje de Carol) is a portrait of human psychological defiance to assimilate to ideals of another way of thinking under the conditions of a civil war in Spain, directed by Spanish director Imanol Uribe.

What happens at the end of Carol’s Journey?

Carol returns to New York to be cared for by her paternal grandparents, and Tomiche, whom Carol wanted to introduce to her father, is accidentally shot and killed during the chase.

What happens in Viaje De Carol?

Carol arrives in her mother’s home village, separated from her beloved father, and transforms the secretive family environment; her innocence and rebellious nature drive her to reject a world that is both new and foreign at first.

Where does El Viaje de Carol take place?

Carol’s Journey, the first film in the series, is about a 12-year-old Spanish-American girl’s visit to her mother’s hometown in rural Spain in 1938.

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How long is El Viaje De Carol?


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