Quick Answer: How To Fuse Tam Lin Strange Journey?

Tam Lin – Shin Megami Tensei IV Wiki Guide – IGN

Tam Lin is a Scottish faerie knight tasked with guarding Carterhaugh, and can only be obtained through Special Fusion: Pixie Spriggan and Centaur. Tam Lin’s normal attack is a Physical hit x12 to 1 enemy.

How do you fuse Frost Ace strange journey?

Frost Ace can be fused using a special fusion of Jack Frost, Tam Lin, and Power, and through his Demon Whisper, he can teach Nanashi the Mabufula, Purple Smoke, Hamaon, and Bufudyne skills.

How to fuse Tam Lin p4g?

Tam Lin is a Persona of the Sun Arcana in Persona 4, and the game’s only palette-swapped Persona. His fusion requirement requires the protagonist to perform a cross-spread fusion in the Velvet Room using Gdon, Phoenix, Narasimha, and Yatagarasu.

How do you get Tam Lin in SMT 4?

Tam Lin can only be obtained by combining Pixie Spriggan Centaur with Special Fusion: Tam Lin.

How do I get black frost nocturne?

Through his Demon Whisper, Black Frost can teach Nanashi the Ice Breath, Taunt, and Mamudo skills, which he can create through a special fusion of King Frost, Balor, and Baphomet.

Where can I find King Frost?

With the title “Monarch of Snow,” King Frost is the seventh Persona of the Emperor Arcana and can be found in Shido’s Palace and the Sheriruth area of Mementos. He is one of two Personas who can learn Null Despair and one of four who can learn Ice Amp.

Where is Cait Sith Persona 5?

Cait Sith, the second Persona of the Magician Arcana, can be found in Kamoshida’s Palace and the Path of Aiyatsbus of Mementos as a Shadow with the title “Hunting Puss in Boots.” Cait Sith yields the Agi Skill Card when itemized through Electric Chair execution.

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How do you make Yatsufusa?

You can get a Yatsufusa in Mediarama in two different ways. First, fuse the following persona:

  1. Emperor Thoth.
  2. Hanged Man Orthrus.
  3. Hanged Man Makami.
  4. Sun Narashima (Mediarama).

What is auto Maraku?

At the start of a battle, Auto-Maraku automatically boosts the user’s party’s defense.

Where can I find spriggan SMT 4?

Spriggan from Shin Megami Tensei IV can be found in Kiccigiorgi Forest, and its Demon Whisper can teach Flynn the Dormina, Agi, and Maragi skills.

How do you get Yatagarasu in Persona 4?

The first method involves fusing Tao Tie with Cu Sith to create an Ares with Megido, which can then be fused with a Black Frost to create Yatagarasu. The second method involves fusing a level 39 Samael with a Mothman to achieve the same effect.

How do you get trumpeter in Persona 4 Golden?

Trumpeter is one of four Personas that can only be obtained in the Velvet Room by fusing Matador, Pabilsag, Daisoujou, White Rider, Taowu, and Tao Tie, all of which can be obtained via Shuffle Time from various dungeons in the Midnight Channel except Tao Tie.

Is Black Frost worth?

Black Frost can cast a combo spell with King Frost that deals massive ice damage and freezes all enemies, but he’s no better or worse than any other Fool Persona, and he can inherit any skill, so you can make him as good as you want.

What does Black Frost mean?

: a frost or cold so severe that it turns vegetation black, usually without the presence of hoarfrost.

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How do I get Jack Frost Nocturne?

In Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne: HD Remaster, the Protagonist or Demi-fiend can obtain Jack Frost, a Demon with the Neutral Alignment and belonging to the Fairy Race.

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