Quick Answer: How To Open Up The Quest An Unexpected Journey?

An Unexpected Journey

“Lalai has learned new information about the missing Book of Thal” u2014 In-game description. Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn Wiki.


Zhai’a Nelhah believes he can learn something useful from Lalai, and decides to pay her a visit. Lalai has obtained new information regarding the missing Book of Thal, and she speculates that the thief may have attempted to make contact with other black mages.

How do you unlock Leylines?

Ley Lines is a Black Mage action that can be unlocked by questing at level 52.

How do you unlock black mage skills?

Unlocking BLM: First and foremost, you must be a Level 30 Thaumaturge who has completed the L30 THM class quest “Facing your Demons.” After that, you can access the actual quest to become a Black Mage, “Taking the Black,” which can be found in Ul’dah u2013 Steps of Nald by Yayake.

How do I start the Alexander quest?

Before accepting the quest Disarmed from Slowfix (Idyllshire X:7.5 Y:6.5), which unlocks Alexander: Gordias, players must complete the main scenario quest Heavensward; however, players do not need to have completed The Binding Coil of Bahamut to participate in Alexander.

Where can I find Lalai?

Ul’dah NPC. Landmark: Arrzaneth Ossuary. Zone: Ul’dah – Steps of Nald. Ul’dah – Steps of Nald NPC.

Do Ley Lines run out?

Overview: Each nation will always have two outcrops, one Revelation and one Wealth, with completed but unopened outcrops remaining where they are and no new outcrops spawning until the daily reset.

Should I touch the ley line blossom?

Touching the Ley Line Opening will start a challenge, spawning enemies for you to defeat, and depending on which Blossom you challenged, you can use Resin to claim rewards!

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What are black mages?

Due to Kuja’s influence, Queen Brahne of Alexandria mass-produces man-sized magician dolls as weapons of war, and Final Fantasy IX is the only game to feature black mages as a distinct race rather than a job.

How do I unlock Thaumaturge?

If you didn’t start as a THM, go to the Thaumaturge Guild in Ul’dah u2013 Steps of Nald (around 7,12) and look for the quests “Way of the Thaumaturge” or “So you want to be a Thaumaturge.”

Is Black Mage fun?

Black Mage’s Enochian ability is both what makes the job fun and challenging, as well as what makes it endlessly frustrating; however, you’ll never get bored playing Black Mage.

How do you unlock Alex Savage?

Each section of Alexander has two modes: normal (story) and savage (harder, with better rewards). To unlock Alexander, players must first complete Disarmed, and each subsequent fight in Alexander requires players to complete the previous wing and a quest.

How do I get Alexandrian gear?

In addition, completing A12 will grant you an Alexandrian Gear, which you can exchange for a Micro Tomestone and ten Scripture tokens (for a total of 1000 Scripture) in Idyllshire for an i260 Shire weapon.

What are Lalafell?

The Lalafell are a gnome-like race from the seas south of Eorzea in Final Fantasy XIV, who resemble the Tarutaru from Final Fantasy XI but are taller and lack the Tarutaru’s distinctive dark-colored noses.

Where is Nald’s reflection Ffxiv?

Nald’s Reflection is a cave shrine northwest of Broken Water with a statue of the god Nald, one of the twin gods who make up Nald’thal, one of the Twelve, and it serves as the battleground for the final Black Mage quest.

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