Quick Answer: How To Start Vanishing Journey Questse?

A Guide To: Vanishing Journey

Vanishing Journey is a section of the Arcane River area where you will deal a percentage of your damage to mobs, with the higher your Arcane Symbol’s level, the more damage you will do. There are 23 quests to complete, with 11 of them requiring actual killing.

How do you get to the vanishing journey dailies?

Complete Rona’s Daily Quests, which will be selected at random from the following list:

  1. [Daily Quest] Defeat 200 Happy Erdas.
  2. [Daily Quest] Defeat 200 Raging Erdas.
  3. [Daily Quest] Defeat 200 Sad Erdas.
  4. [Daily Quest] Defeat 200 Joyful Erdas.
  5. [Daily Quest] Defeat 200 Stone Erdas.

How do I start the Chew Chew Island Quest?

Chew Chew Island, a new area, has been added.

  1. Characters level 210 and up can access Chew Chew Island by jumping off the cliff in the Foggy Falls map after completing the Arcane River: Road of Vanishing quest line.
  2. After completing the Chew Chew Island quests, you can obtain the Arcane Symbol: Chew Chew Island.

How do you get the arcane symbol in the vanishing journey?

When you are able to start completing the daily quests of a higher-level Arcane River region, you can reduce the number of daily quests for lower-level Arcane River regions. For example, the Vanishing Journey Arcane Symbol can only be obtained by playing Vanishing Journey content.

Where is Vanishing Journey?

Vanishing Journey is a section of the Arcane River area where you will deal a percentage of your damage to mobs, and even less damage if you are not equipped.

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How do I get to Chuchu?

You can get to Chu Chu Island by completing the “Vanishing Journey” questline and being swept downriver, where you’ll meet NPC Muto, a hungry rock creature.

What level is Chuchu?

Chu Chu Island is a colorful and chaotic world where a giant golem has stopped the river from flowing, forcing the player to save the Chu Chu Village from a crisis before moving one step closer to the Black Mage.

What are arcane symbols?

Arcane Symbols are a type of equipment available to 5th Job players that allows them to deal damage to monsters in Arcane River. Each symbol grants 30 Arcane Power and 300 of your main stat, or equivalent.

How many arcane symbols do you get per day?

They’re fairly simple; you can complete three per day, and they require you to kill or collect items from mobs on Chu Chu Island, for which you’ll receive two Chu Chu Island Symbols.

How do I get V core pieces?

V Cores can be obtained by collecting Core Gemstones, which are dropped by monsters in the Arcane River region. Note that Buff Duration, Cooldown Reduction, and Cooldown Resets have no effect on 5th Job Skills. Speak with the V Core Master, NPC Acelle, in the Arcane River area town.

What is ERDA spectrum?

Erda Spectrum is a MapleStory Vanishing Journey mini-game that allows players to earn more Vanishing Journey Arcane Symbols by completing it successfully. Each successful completion awards the player with 2 VJ Arcane Symbols, which can be used to level up their VJ Arcane Symbol.

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How do you get to the temple of time?

The quickest way to get to the Temple of Time is to fast travel to the Shrine of Resurrection and retrace your steps back down the path to the large ruined structure on the right.

Where is Kao MapleStory?

Name (Other Servers) Kao is a mysterious character who the player meets in the Temple of Time and later in the Arcane River’s Vanishing Journey.

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