Quick Answer: How To Turn On The Power On Journey To Space?

Zombies in Spaceland: How to Turn on the Power

Each area of Spaceland has its own generator, which must be turned on individually to restore power to the entire park. Follow the steps below to locate each generator, flip the switch, and turn on the power in Zombies in Spaceland.

Step 2: Journey Into Space Generator

The Astrocade is one of the many new features in Zombies in Spaceland; once inside, stay to your right because there will be a zombie spawn point directly in front of you, and the generator box will be on your right.

Step 3: Journey Into Space Generator #2

Head left to the other side of Journey Into Space, where you will see a large glowing red tower with a rocket ship. Once you pass under the rocket ship, an open door will appear in front of you. Follow the tunnel to the right, and the second generator box will be on your left.

Step 4: Polar Peak Generator

The power box is in the room directly across from where you board the ride; the first door you’ll need to open is labeled Polar Peak; open it and proceed up the hallway; the entrance to the roller coaster is at the top of this hallway.

Step 5: Kepler System Generator

The Spaceland generator is easy to find because it is marked by a large sign; the restrooms will be locked; pay to open the barricade; and the Pack-a-Punch machine will be open now that the power has been restored.

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How do I turn on power Spaceland?

Enter the room and look to your right; there is a sparking box with a handle on the wall; walk up to the box and press the action button (X on Xbox, Square on PS4); the power in the Zombies in Spaceland spawn area is now turned on, and you can enter the rest of the park.

Where are the power switches on infinite warfare zombies?

You want to go straight to the back, following the winding paths and paying to pass through a gate; the power switch is on the wall in the hallway, just before you enter the area with the bumper cars.

How do you turn the power on in five zombies?

You’ll need to spend 1750 to clear the blockade and 250 to use the elevator on the first floor, then 2000 to clear the debris in the war room and 250 to use the elevator before reaching the basement, where you’ll have enough points to activate the power switch in round five.

How do you turn on the power on CW zombies?

To turn on local power, go into the Aether Reactor room and activate the reactor in the center, which will cost you 500 points. Kill zombies and protect the collection units to get the power turned on in the area – you’ll see a bar on the left hand side of the screen showing your progress.

Where is the power in zombies?

The power switch for Mauer Der Toten can be found in the underground subway system, marked by glowing arrows. Your first mission in Black Ops Cold War’s Mauer Der Toten will be to turn on the power, which will require you to escape the rooftops you spawn on and descend to the streets below.

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How do you beat Spaceland zombies?

To maximize the profits from each kill, shoot zombies five to six times with the starting handgun before finishing them off with a melee attack. Stay at the starting area farming zombies for at least three rounds, then proceed to the park’s central hub.

Where is the power in Shaolin shuffle?

The first power switch can be found on one of the pillars just outside the subway train; activate it to open the doors and gain access to the streets outside. The second power switch can be found on the rooftops near the back of the map; activate it to open the doors and gain access to the streets outside.

How many power switches are there in zombies in Spaceland?

In Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies in Spaceland, there is no single power switch; instead, there are five switches scattered throughout the park.

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