Readers ask: How To File I-485 Visa Journey?

Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status

Your eligibility category determines where you file Form I-485, and you can pay the fee with a money order, personal check, or cashier’s check, or by credit card using Form G-1450 if you file at a lockbox facility.
Liberian Refugee Immigration Fairness (LRIF) allows eligible Liberian nationals and certain family members to adjust status. Choose “Other Eligibility” in Part 2 of your Form I-485 and write “LRIF” in the text box to indicate you are applying for refugee status. If you are filing a Form I-485 based on family-sponsored or employment-based LRIF, write “LRIF” in the text box to indicate you are applying for refugee status.

Can I-485 be filed online?

To file Form I-485 online, you must first create a MyUSCIS account on the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) website, where you will be able to receive all updates on your application via your alien registration number (a-number).

How long does it take for I-485 to be approved 2020?

Your I-485 processing time can range from 8 to 14 months after you file Form I-485, Application to Adjust Status, and related forms, depending on the basis of your adjustment of status (e.g. family, employment, asylum, etc.).

Can I travel during adjustment of status?

While you wait for your adjustment of status interview, you may want or need to travel to your home country or elsewhere, for example, to see family or to finalize plans for your final move to the United States. You can travel, but you must exercise extreme caution.

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Can I travel within us while I-485 is pending?

While an I-485 is pending, adjustment applicants in valid H-1B status and their dependents can travel abroad and reenter the United States in H status without having to obtain advance parole. All travelers must have a valid H1B/H4 entry visa.

Who qualifies for i485?

First, the applicant must be in the United States after being lawfully inspected and admitted or paroled, which in most cases means the individual is in the country on a nonimmigrant visa like a student, temporary employment, temporary visitor, or K-1 fiancu00e9.

What happens after I-485 is approved?

The applicant is mailed a Form I-551, Permanent Resident Card, upon approval; the date the Form I-485 is approved becomes the date of adjustment, which determines how soon the newly adjusted Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) may apply for citizenship in the United States. Permanent Resident Cards are valid for ten years.

How long does it take for adjustment of status to be approved?

For most applicants, the entire adjustment process may take 8 to 14 months; review the Form I-485 processing time line for a more detailed look at what happens and each step.

How do I know where my i-485 is being processed?

To check your case status, go to our Case Status Online page and enter your Form I-485 receipt number. If you believe your application is taking longer than usual, submit a case inquiry or call our USCIS Contact Center at 800-375-5283.

How does Uscis know if you left the country?

Yes, they almost certainly know you’ve left because the US uses a system called APIS to process passport information for all air passengers, which is linked to the electronic I-94 (arrival and departure record). You can check your US arrival and departure history online.

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What is the cost for adjustment of status?

You’ll typically pay $535 to file your I-130 petition for an adjustment of status application; if you’re filing a different petition, check the filing instructions to ensure you pay the correct fee. Once your petition is approved, you’ll pay a separate fee to file your I-485 green card application.

Who qualifies for adjustment of status?

You must already be eligible for a green card (lawful permanent or conditional residence) in the United States, either through a U.S. employer, a family member who is a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, or by having received asylum or refugee status in the United States for at least one year.

Why is my i-485 taking so long?

The main issue that USCIS has publicly identified as a cause of the lengthy processing delays is a lack of manpower. According to USCIS, adjudicating an I-485 takes 97.8 minutes, while processing an advance parole document takes 15 minutes and adjudicating an EAD takes 12 minutes.

How many green card applications are pending?

Overall, 85% of the 7.47 million immigration applications submitted in FY2020 were approved, with the remaining 1.12 million being denied or pending.

Can I travel while my green card is processing?

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) allows immigrants to travel abroad while waiting for their Green Card, also known as a Permanent Resident Card, or an Advance Parole travel document, which allows for the processing of an adjustment of status to a lawful permanent resident to continue.

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