Readers ask: How To Play Wheel In The Sky By Journey?

Wheel In The Sky

Learn how to play Wheel In The Sky by Journey’s Neal Schon, who has one of the best voices in music. More great videos coming soon. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and LIKE my Facebook page, and follow me on Twitter at

Who sings wheel in the sky by Journey?

The journey

Did Steve Perry sing wheel in the sky?

‘Wheel In The Sky,’ Journey’s first hit on the pop charts in 1978, introduced Steve Perry to the band; the song’s music was written by Neal Schon, who tells the story of both Steve’s joining the band and the song.”

What album was wheel in the sky on?

Robert Fleischman, Neal Schon, and Diane Valory wrote and composed “Wheel in the Sky,” a song by the American rock band Journey, which was recorded in 1977 and included on their fourth studio album, Infinity.

How old is Steve Perry now?

On January 22, 1949, I turned 72 years old.

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