Readers ask: Journey And How It Applies To Stagecoach?

Journey Assistance Cards | Get extra help on your Journey

Our bus services offer Journey Assistance Cards, which make it easier for you to let our bus drivers know what additional assistance you require. You can use your cards at any time of day, seven days a week, on any bus service.

Who can apply for Face Covering Journey Assistance Cards

If you have a reasonable excuse, you are not required to wear a face covering. Our Face Covering Journey Assistance Cards were developed in collaboration with our trade body, the Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT). You can apply for your Journey Assistance Card online or through our local CPT website.

Standard Journey Assistance Cards

We’ll email you a card that you can save to your phone and show to the bus driver once you’ve filled out the application form.

You may also be eligible for discounted travel

You may be eligible for a concessionary bus pass that allows you to travel for free on most local bus services. Journey Assistance Cards do not provide free or discounted transportation, but they do allow you to sample some of the city’s best bus routes.

Lost Journey Assistance Cards

If you misplace or misplace your journey assistance card, call our concierge at 08457 909090 or go to for more information.

How does Stagecoach Connect work?

Stagecoach Connect is a free app that allows you to pre-book your commute to and from the hospital, using cutting-edge technology to allow you to schedule your commute for your morning shift and then return home later that day.

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How do you use Stagecoach?

You can show your activated ticket to the driver by going to ‘My Tickets’ and selecting ‘Show ticket to driver.’ You don’t need an internet connection to activate a mobile ticket, but you should make sure your phone has enough battery to last the duration of your journey.

What type of bus Do Stagecoach use?

Stagecoach SimpliBus operates in the East Midlands and uses both single-decker and double-decker gold buses.

How much did stagecoach drivers make?

Ben Holladay and the Overland Express had a $365,000-a-year contract with the United States Postal Service, and the Overland transported people, packages, and mail over a 3000-mile radius. Its stagecoach drivers wore velvet-trimmed uniforms and Irish wool overcoats, and Holladay paid them well.

Can you use the Stagecoach app without WIFI?

An internet connection is not required to activate a ticket.

Is Stagecoach app working?

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused; if you needed to purchase additional tickets this morning, please email [email protected] with a photo of the ticket.

What is Stagecoach smart?

StagecoachSmart is an electronic card that securely stores your tickets and allows you to buy them online or on the bus; you can load multiple tickets onto your card, or have multiple cards registered to your account so you can add and manage all of your family’s cards.

Why is my Stagecoach card not working?

You haven’t used your card as a chip and pin before; your mobile device isn’t set up correctly to use Apple Pay or Google Pay; or you aren’t using the Apps to support the payment properly.

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How long do Megariders last?

When compared to buying seven dayrider tickets, our 7 and 28 day megariders offer great everyday value with savings of up to 40%*. With unlimited travel in your area, the more you travel, the more you save!

What is the purpose of stagecoach?

A stagecoach is a four-wheeled public transportation coach that is strongly sprung and drawn by four horses and is used to transport paying passengers and light packages on journeys long enough to require a change of horses.

What is stagecoach magazine called?

The People’s Friend is the world’s longest-running women’s weekly magazine, having been first published on January 13, 1869, and celebrating 150 years of continuous publication in 2019 with a Guinness World Records certificate.

Is stagecoach owned by Arriva?

Stagecoach is considering a bid for some or all of rival Arriva, the UK’s largest bus operator, after it goes up for sale. Arriva, which operates more than 5,000 buses in the UK, also has divisions across Europe.

How often did stagecoaches get robbed?

Between 1875 and 1883, Boles went by the moniker “Black Bart” and robbed Wells Fargo stagecoaches at least 28 times across northern California, including several times along the historic Siskiyou Trail that connects California and Oregon.

How far apart were stagecoach stops?

They were separated by about 160 miles on average.

How much did it cost to ride the stage?

Before railroads, transporting goods cost a lot of money: a stagecoach ride from Sacramento to Omaha in 1867 would have cost $300 u2014 $7,352 in today’s money u2014 according to an advertisement from the time.

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