The Number Of Bits That Can Travel Simultaneously Down A Bus Is Known As The Word Size.?

The number of bits that can travel simultaneously down a bus is known as the bus width .

One category, called, system buses , connects the CPU to memory on the system board.

What is the term used to describe the number of bits that a CPU can access at one time?

Word size is a characteristic given to computer architecture. It denotes the number of bits that a CPU can process at one time. Modern processors, including embedded systems, usually have a word size of 8, 16, 24, 32 or 64 bits; most current general purpose computers use 32 or 64 bits.

Which of the following is a function of control unit?

The control unit (CU) is a component of a computer’s central processing unit (CPU) that directs operation of the processor. It tells the computer’s memory, arithmetic/logic unit and input and output devices how to respond to a program’s instructions.

Which of the following can be used to connect several devices to the system unit and are widely used to connect keyboards mice Printers storage devices and a variety of specialty devices?

USB ports are used to connect keyboards, mice, printers, storage devices, and a variety of specialty devices. Firewire ports are used to connect keyboards, mice, printers, and storage devices.

Does ascii support Chinese and Japanese?

This character encoding scheme allows non-English characters and special characters to be represented. ASCII supports languages such as Chinese and Japanese.

How many bytes can a 32 bit word access at one time?

A 32-bit CPU can hold up to 34,359,738,368 bits at a single time. However, data is typically denoted in groups of eight bits, which are known as bytes. Therefore, a 32-bit CPU can be used to process 4,294,967,296 bytes, or 4 gigabytes (GB) at any given time. The term x86 is synonymous with 32-bit computer architecture.

What is not a well known Web browser?

Which of the following is not a well-known Web browser? Microsoft Edge. Windows Explorer. Apple Safari. Google Chrome.

What is control unit and its types?

Computer control unit. The control signals are usually transmitted by the part of the overall system bus called the control bus. There are two types of control units in computers: hardwired control units. microprogrammable (microprogrammed) control units.

What are the types of control unit?

There are two types of control units: Hardwired control unit and Microprogrammable control unit.

  • Hardwired Control Unit –
  • Microprogrammable control unit –

What are the three main jobs of the control unit?

There are three main jobs of the Control Unit: It manages and monitors hardware on the computer to ensure the correct data goes to the correct hardware. It manages the input and output signals ensuring these are dealt with correctly. It uses clock signals to synchronise the running of the Fetch-Decode-Execute cycle.Travel

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