Top 10 Cheapest Places To Travel?

Which country is the cheapest to visit?

(Even though prices go up in, say, Vietnam, they go up in Western countries too.) Of course, these are some of the cheapest countries to visit once you get there.

  • Colombia.
  • Cambodia.
  • Philippines.
  • Ukraine.
  • Cuba.
  • Guatemala.
  • Thailand.
  • Morocco. Morocco is the most stable country in North Africa and just a stone’s throw from Europe.

Where are the cheapest places to travel in the world?


  1. Mexico, $40/day. Mexico is full of endless adventures.
  2. Nicaragua, $35/day. Nicaragua is one of the cheapest Central American destinations to travel in, although it’s not likely to stay that way for much longer.
  3. Guatemala, $38/day.
  4. Colombia, $35/day.
  5. Bolivia, $30/day.
  6. Arizona & Utah (for a road trip!), $45/day.

Where is the cheapest place to travel internationally?

Best Cheap Travel Destinations Around the World

  • Uganda. Kampala is one of the cheapest cities in the world, and Uganda, known as “The Pearl of Africa,” hosts Lake Victoria, which is the second largest lake in the world.
  • Jamaica.
  • Bangladesh.
  • Hungary.
  • Ecuador.
  • Thailand.
  • Peru.
  • Dominican Republic.

How can I travel super cheap?

Travel For Cheap: 7 Ways To See The World For Less

  1. Decide what you need—and what you can live without.
  2. Join a travel rewards program.
  3. Do your research to find the lowest airfare.
  4. Find a free place to stay.
  5. List your space with airbnb.
  6. Curb your dining expenses by cooking at home.
  7. Be flexible with a last-minute deal.

How can I travel for free?

15 Ways to Travel the World for Free (or Even Get Paid)

  • Teach Abroad. This is how my wife and I can afford to do so much traveling.
  • WWOOF.
  • Maximize Credit Card Rewards.
  • Hostels & Other Work-Stay Options.
  • Long-Term Volunteering With the Peace Corps.
  • Short-Term Organized Volunteering.
  • Organize Your Own Volunteer Trip.
  • House-Sit or Pet-Sit.
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Where can I go for a cheap vacation?

Best Cheap Vacations in the U.S.

  1. Glacier National Park.
  2. Grand Canyon.
  3. Olympic National Park.
  4. Gatlinburg.
  5. Sequoia National Park.
  6. Anchorage.
  7. Colorado Springs.
  8. Portland, OR.

How can I go on vacation with no money?

11 Genius Ways To Travel The World When You’re Broke AF

  • Try house sitting or pet sitting.
  • Teach or build something while you’re away, in exchange for free room and board.
  • Or volunteer to live and work on an organic farm.
  • Get a salaried job where you can work overseas.
  • Or work remotely — while traveling.
  • Crowdfund your trip.
  • Or use Airbnb to fund your trip.

How do I find cheap vacations?

For the greatest savings on your vacation package, use these nine tips to guide you through the booking process.

  1. Be Flexible on Place.
  2. Plan Far in Advance or Book Last Minute.
  3. Be Flexible on Time.
  4. Be Flexible on Amenities.
  5. Bring a Friend (or Two)
  6. Know That You Can Extend Your Dates.
  7. Travel From a Major Airport Hub.


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