Used Fema Travel Trailers For Sale?

Where can I buy a used FEMA trailer?

Check the federal government auction site ( for used FEMA trailers you can bid on.

Click the “Trailers, Tractors and Manufactured Housing” link to see if any FEMA trailers are available.

Click the FAQ and “About GSA Auctions” links for instructions on how to register and participate in the auctions.

How much are FEMA trailers worth?

The FEMA trailers cost around $65,000 each but are being auctioned off at bids as low as $100. Right now, you can visit the GSA Auction website where you can find the FEMA trailers for sale in the online auction.

Will FEMA buy my RV?

Answer: FEMA does not purchase Recreational Vehicles (RVs) for evacuees from commercial dealers. However, FEMA may purchase RVs from commercial dealers for first-responders.

How many FEMA trailers are available?

Almost 2,600 FEMA Trailers, RVs Sit Unused in Beeville, Texas. Although the stockpile sits in Texas Gulf Coast residents’ backyard, it remains unknown exactly how many residents who need housing after Hurricane Harvey could get the units.Travel

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