What Do I Need To Travel To Belize?

Who Is Allowed to Enter Belize? What kinds of documentation are need to enter Belize? For admission into Belize’s airport, land borders, or sea ports after March 1, 2022, fully vaccinated travelers will no longer be required to produce proof of a negative test, but they will be required to present proof of vaccination instead.

In the event that a tourist tests positive for COVID-19 while they are in Belize, the obligatory Belize Travel Insurance will assist in covering both medical and non-medical costs incurred by the traveler as a result of the positive test.

Is Belize allowing US visitors?

  • Citizens of the United States are not required to obtain a visa for tourist stays of up to 30 days in Belize; however, they must provide evidence that they intend to leave the country (such as onward or return air tickets) in addition to evidence that they have sufficient funds to support themselves while in Belize.
  • Visitors who want to remain for more than 30 days or who are coming for reasons other than tourism are required to get visas.

What are the entry requirements for Belize?

Belize admission restrictions are severe. To enter Belize, each traveler is required to provide a valid passport that is still in use for at least another six months after the amount of time that they want to spend in the country. Visitors are required to provide proof of vaccination or a current COVID-19 test (see below).

When to plan a trip to Belize?

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