What Does Travel Mean In Basketball?

A violation in basketball occurs when a player in possession of the ball but not dribbling makes an unlawful maneuver with his or her feet, which is known as traveling. A traveling violation results in a turnover, which means that the ball is handed to the other team once the infraction has been committed. It appears to be very straightforward, doesn’t it?

What Is the Meaning of Traveling in Basketball? While playing basketball, traveling is a penalty that is assessed when an offensive player in possession of the basketball takes an additional step or otherwise engages in an unlawful movement with their established pivot foot, which results in a turnover.

What is a travel violation in basketball?

1. When the player who is holding the basketball moves one or both of his or her feet in an improper manner, this is considered a basketball violation. In the majority of cases, players are penalized for traveling while they are holding the ball after taking up their dribble and they shift their pivot foot.

What is the traveling rule in high school basketball?

When a player falls to the playing court while gripping the ball and does not retain a pivot foot, this is referred to as traveling.The traveling rule for the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) is nearly identical to the NCAA regulation, with the exception of an extra item that clarifies the limits on a player keeping the ball while on the floor while on the court.

What is a travel in soccer?

A trip can also be called by carrying or an unestablished pivot foot. If the pivot foot of a player alters or travels, it is termed traveling. Rule 9, Section 5. Traveling Art. 1. A player shall not travel with the ball. Art. 2.

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