What Is Interstate Travel Mask Mandate?

(CNN) — According to an executive order that was signed by Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday, it will soon be required by law for all anyone traveling between states inside the United States to wear a face mask while driving. The travel order applies to all modes of transportation, including airplanes and airports, trains and ferries, intercity buses, and ferries between cities.

Will Biden’s mask mandate help or hurt the travel industry?

Biden’s proposal to advocate for a mask mandate on airlines and transportation systems that go over state lines has received a significant amount of support from the travel sector. The travel industry is under the impression that the mandated use of masks would assist convince potential passengers that it is safe to fly.

Do I have to wear a mask on public transportation?

  • If a person is in an outdoor area of a transportation hub, they are not needed to wear a mask unless it is mandated by the operator, the federal government, a state government, a tribal government, a territory government, or a municipal government.
  • However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continues to urge that those who have not had their complete vaccination wear a mask in these regions in order to protect themselves and others.

Does the mask order apply to personal maritime conveyances?

  • Although the Order does not apply to personal maritime conveyances, the mask order does apply to all persons in indoor areas on board a personal maritime conveyance that is used for a commercial purpose, such as for a chartered fishing trip.
  • This is because the risk of exposure to harmful organisms is significantly increased in these environments.
  • If they are the only person on board, operators of such conveyances are exempt from the need that they wear a mask.

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