What Is Necessary For Space Travel?

A high degree of overall fitness is desirable, if not needed, on a daily basis. Beyond space camp and zero gravity flights, a medical examination is required in order to even be considered for space travel. You must be between 160cm (5’3″) and 185cm (6’1″) in height and weigh between 50 kg (110lbs) and 95 kg (209lbs) to be considered for this position.

Spacecraft are required to deliver oxygen to its passengers in order for them to survive.In order to operate in space, spacecraft must have their own supply of oxygen and nitrogen.These gases are pumped throughout the spaceship in order to provide air that is similar to that which humans breathe on the planet we live on.When traveling to space, astronauts must also take their full food supply with them.

What do spacecrafts need to go to space?

Instead, spacecraft need solar sails that can reflect photons (small, incredibly energetic particles) in order to drive them forward, similar to how ships use the wind to accelerate their forward motion.

Why do we need a space program?

It is an often asked and important issue that needs an equally serious response. There are several arguments in favor of a large space program, ranging from job creation and education to technological development and national security. If we live in a perfect world, just one argument is required, yet some would argue that this is not adequate in the real world.

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