What Is Required To Travel To Costa Rica?

  • Visitors to Costa Rica are expected to provide a passport that is still valid as well as documentation that they intend to depart the country before the expiration of their visa or entrance stamp, which is normally within ninety days of the day that they arrived.
  • Every non-resident traveler is needed to have either a ticket that allows them to leave the nation and return at a later time or a ticket that acts as proof of the date they intend to depart the country.
  • Typically, people will refer to this kind of ticket as a ″outbound departure ticket.″

What are the Costa Rica entry requirements for tourists?

Costa Rica Entry Requirements (COVID-19) As part of the procedures for entering Costa Rica, every tourist is required to fill out a health pass and buy travel insurance that provides coverage of at least $50,000 USD for medical expenditures and at least $2,000 USD for prolonged housing expenses.

Do I need a return ticket for Costa Rica?

  • Visitors to Costa Rica are required to present a valid passport and evidence that they intend to leave the country before the expiration of their visa or entry stamp, which is typically within ninety days after arrival.
  • Every non-resident traveler is required to have either a return ticket or a ticket that serves as confirmation of when they intend to leave the country.
  • This type of ticket is more often known as an outbound exit ticket.

What do I need to know about Costa Rica?

  • The restrictions for entering Costa Rica are established and enforced by the government.
  • If you need any more information, you should get in touch with the embassy, high commission, or consulate of the nation or territory that you will be visiting.
  • It is also a good idea for you to verify with the transportation provider or travel business that you are using to make sure that your passport and any other travel papers satisfy their criteria.
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Do you need travel insurance for Costa Rica?

People who have had all of their vaccinations are still need to buy travel insurance for Costa Rica. The admission rules for vaccinated and non-vaccinated persons into Costa Rica have not been modified in any way. Even those who have had all of their vaccinations are required to get travel insurance and fill out the health pass before entering Costa Rica.

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