Where To Singapore Travel Voucher?

You can redeem your digital Vouchers at any Community Club/Centre (CC) or Residents’ Committee (RC) Centre in Singapore by providing your original identification documents, such as your NRIC, National Service identification document, or Singapore passport.These documents are required in order to redeem your Vouchers.The Singpass verification mechanism will still be used in addition to this.

Changi Recommends by Changi Travel Services (CTS), GlobalTix, Klook, Traveloka, and Trip.com are the five authorized booking partners for the SingapoRediscovers Vouchers initiative. Vouchers can only be redeemed for their original value with one of the authorized booking partners.

How much is a Singapore Airlines voucher worth?

Each voucher is worth S$30 and can be applied toward the purchase of monthly concession passes or additional value for existing fare cards. The voucher can be awarded to families that live in households where the monthly family income per person does not exceed $1,600 Singapore dollars.

How do I book singaporerediscovers tickets with Klook?

After you have purchased your tickets through Klook, all you need to do to make the reservation is head to the attraction’s official website.You may find the connections on the activity pages and coupons of Klook.Who is qualified to get SingaporeRediscovers Vouchers?

In the year 2020, each Singaporean who is 18 years old or older is qualified to get a $100 SingapoRediscovers Voucher that may be used in $10 increments (for example, ten $10 vouchers).

When do singaporerediscovers vouchers expire?

However, in order to take advantage of this $100 SRV before it expires on December 31, 2021, these reservations must be made before that date.In an effort to get Singaporeans to rediscover our city and patronize local businesses, starting of the 1st of December 2020, all Singaporeans aged 18 and older who were residents of Singapore in 2020 were eligible to obtain SingaporeRediscovers Vouchers worth a total of one hundred dollars each (SRV).

Where can I claim Singapore voucher?

Redeem SingapoRediscovers Vouchers Using NRIC As on the 30th of August in the year 2021, Singaporeans will be able to redeem the vouchers by using either their NRIC, their National Service identification certificate, or their Singapore passport. This is something that may be done at any of Singapore’s 34 community clubs or centers (CCs), as well as residents’ committee (RC) centers.

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How do I use a Singapore travel voucher?

Vouchers could be redeemed through any one of the five websites that were recognized as Authorised Booking Partners (Changi Recommends, GlobalTix, Klook, Traveloka and Trip.com). It is required that all activities that were booked by the 31st of December 2021 be completed by the 31st of March 2022.

How do I claim my Singapore $100 voucher?

Sign in using your Singpass account and confirm your personal particulars in order to collect your voucher (s). Vouchers worth $100 each will be available to be claimed by any household in Singapore that has at least one citizen of the country. With a CDC decal in hand, you may redeem these rewards at any of the partnering businesses. To finish this will take around five minutes.

Where can I use CDC voucher?

The CDC coupons can be used at any of the participating shops or hawkers in the heartland. Keep an eye out for the CDC Coupons decal that will be placed at the shopfront of the merchant or hawker stall to determine where the vouchers may be used. Additionally, make the most of this opportunity to discover and become familiar with your neighborhood.

How use Singapore rediscover voucher?

The following are the actions that users must do in order to redeem their Vouchers:

  1. Prepare your SingPass in advance.
  2. Pick the goods that you want.
  3. Put the item or items you want to buy into the shopping basket.
  4. Sign in using your SingPass.
  5. Make use of the voucher code that was created
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Can I use Singapore rediscover voucher for others?

3. Is it possible to redeem coupons on behalf of another individual? No. The certificates are intended for individual use and may only be redeemed through the usage of SingPass.

How can I redeem Singapore rediscover voucher without SingPass?

The general public can redeem their coupons at any of Singapore’s 34 community clubs or centers (CCs) and residents’ committee (RC) centers by presenting their original identity documents at any of these locations. The Bedok CC, the Jalan Besar CC, the Taman Jurong CC, and the Chong Pang Zone 4 RC are some of these clubs.

When can I get CDC voucher 2021?

You will be able to receive your CDC vouchers online beginning on Monday, the 13th of December 2021, and you will have until the 31st of December 2022 to use them before they expire. Simply clicking on the URL provided here will allow you to access the vouchers you have purchased. After clicking on this link, you will be brought to a screen where you may log in to your Singpass account.

Where can I get $100 CDC voucher?

To claim the vouchers, go to go.gov.sg/cdcv, click on the CDC Vouchers Scheme 2022 link, and then check in with your Singpass. If households have not yet claimed their 2021 CDC Vouchers, they can still do so at go.gov.sg/cdcv if they have not yet done so.

How do I use my CDC voucher to pay?

1.Navigate to go.gov.sg/cdcv and sign in using your Singpass account.Only one person of your home is necessary to carry out this duty on behalf of your family or group.

3.Request an SMS with a link to your CDC Coupons, then click on the link to access your vouchers.4.After selecting the amount you wish to use, display the QR code to a participating hawker or heartland shopkeeper so that they may scan it.

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Can I use CDC voucher online?

Today, various organizations, such as the NEA/PUB and PA for the CDC Voucher plan, employ RedeemSG in their daily operations. E-vouchers, which are given to voucher receivers by SMS and open in a weblink on the recipient’s device, are included in RedeemSG.

When can we get $100 CDC voucher?

It comes as a result of the issuance of CDC vouchers for a total of S$100 in December 2021, which were delivered online for the very first time, in place of physical vouchers. The vouchers that were awarded to households in both this year’s and previous year’s programmes can be redeemed and spent until the end of the year 2022.

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