Which Countries Accept Refugee Travel Document?

What countries can I travel to with a refugee travel document?

India, Indonesia, Iraq, Libya, Malaysia, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Syria, United Arab Emirates, and Uzbekistan are among the countries who are not parties to the 1951 Refugee Convention.

As mentioned above, before you travel to a third country, you must obtain a refugee travel document.

Which countries accept Belgium refugee travel document?

Refugee travel documents and visa free travel

Country Visa required for visitor with 1951 UN Convention Travel Document
Hungary No
Belarus Yes
Belgium No
Kazakhstan Yes

45 more rows

Can a refugee travel to another country?

It is particularly important for a refugee to be able to travel outside the country of his normal residence. Unlike an ordinary alien, a refugee does not enjoy the protection of the country of his nationality and cannot therefore avail himself of a national passport for travel purposes.

Can I travel to USA with refugee travel document?

Although permanent residents can generally enter the United States with the green card (after an absence of less than one year), a travel document may be needed to enter other countries. In this way, a Refugee Travel Document is much like a passport. An asylum “applicant” cannot obtain a Refugee Travel Document.

Can refugee go back home?

By returning to home country, you are now saying you no longer need Canada’s protection. Your life is no longer in danger, thus your refugee status is no longer valid. If you want to return to your home country as a refugee, you need to get Canadian citizenship first, not before you obtain it.

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Can refugee travel back home?

It is essential that the asylee not return to her home country until she has become a U.S. citizen and can travel with a U.S. passport. Asylees should understand, however, that even after obtaining legal permanent residence, they will have to use a Refugee Travel Document to travel abroad.

Can I travel with refugee travel document?

If you have been granted asylum in the United States, you can travel abroad with prior approval of the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). A refugee travel document is valid for one year and is issued to an asylee to allow his or her return to the United States after temporary travel abroad.

Can a refugee get a passport?

Refugees are unlikely to be able to obtain passports from their state of nationality (from which they have sought asylum) and therefore need travel documents so that they might engage in international travel. Refugee travel documents are passport-like booklets.

How many refugees are in Belgium?

In the framework of the Council Conclusions of 20 July 2015 and the EU Resettlement Scheme, Belgium pledged to resettle 550 refugees in 2016 and 550 refugees in 2017.Travel

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