Which Direction (clockwise Or Counterclockwise) Does Conventional Current Travel?

Which direction does conventional current travel?

Electrons flow from the negative terminal to the positive.

Conventional current or simply current, behaves as if positive charge carriers cause current flow.

Conventional current flows from the positive terminal to the negative.

Which direction clockwise or counterclockwise does an electron travel through the wire?

The electrons travel in a direction opposite the direction of the electric field, hence they will travel counterclockwise through the wire.

Does current flow clockwise or counterclockwise?

Correct answer:Current flows counterclockwise in this circuit. Using the right hand rule for the conventional current in the wire, the right thumb is pointed along the wire pointing to the left at the top of the circuit. At point the fingers curl around and point down, into the screen.

What is the current direction in the wire?

In metal wires, current is carried by negatively charged electrons, so the positive current arrow points in the opposite direction the electrons move. This has been the sign convention for 270 years, ever since Ben Franklin named electric charges with + and – signs.Travel

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