Which Medium Do Longitudinal Waves Travel Fastest In?

Sound waves travel faster through liquids, like water, than through the air because water is denser than air (the particles are closer together).

Sound waves travel faster in solids than in liquids.

Which wave travels faster in medium transverse or longitudinal?

Earthquakes become waves, which spread, shaking the ground. Earthquakes create both longitudinal and transverse waves. Also, one characteristic is that a longitudinal wave’s transmission is faster than transverse waves.

Do longitudinal waves require a medium?

A longitudinal wave (sound) is always produced perpendicular to a transverse wave (light), and light does not require a medium in order to propagate, so why do so many people say that sound requires a medium to propagate? This wave of squished and stretched spacetime is a longitudinal wave just like sound.

How do longitudinal waves travel?

For a sound wave traveling through air, the vibrations of the particles are best described as longitudinal. Longitudinal waves are waves in which the motion of the individual particles of the medium is in a direction that is parallel to the direction of energy transport.

What is the speed of longitudinal wave?

9.5 Speed of a longitudinal wave (ESACW)Wave speed is the distance a wave travels per unit time.Travel

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