Which Of The Following Is A Difficulty Associated With Interstellar Travel?

Even the most upbeat forecasts on the viability of interstellar travel predict that it won’t be possible for several decades. However, in spite of the difficulties, it is anticipated that a vast array of scientific advantages would be gained if or when travel between the stars becomes possible.

Which of the following describes a major challenge of interstellar travel at near light speed?

Which of the following best reflects a significant difficulty associated with traveling between stars at almost the speed of light? The spaceship will be subjected to an onslaught of potentially harmful cosmic radiation as it travels into interstellar space.

How does the Kepler mission plan to detect Earth like planets around other stars quizlet?

The Kepler mission will hunt for planets like Earth in a number of different ways. It will look for the dimming that occurs in the brightness of a star whenever a planet that is similar to Earth transits (goes in front of) that star.

Which type of electromagnetic radiation is able to carry the most information?

There are three general laws that are applicable to electromagnetic waves, and they are as follows: Electromagnetic waves with a high frequency have a higher energy level and greater penetrating capacity compared to waves with a lower frequency. Electromagnetic waves with a high frequency can transport more information in the same amount of time than waves with a lower frequency.

Why is Europa considered a good candidate for the possible existence of life?

It is generally agreed upon that the vastness and unfathomable depth of Europa’s ocean makes it the most promising area to search for life beyond Earth.Because it is feasible that Europa’s ocean may be seeping out into space, it is possible that a passing spacecraft may sample Europa’s ocean without landing on the moon’s surface.This is because Europa’s water may be flowing out into space.

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Which of the following best explains why an interstellar ramjet could?

Which of the following is the most plausible explanation for why an interstellar ramjet could be able to attain continuous acceleration in theory? It is not necessary for it to carry the weight of fuel along with it since it is able to collect fuel as it travels.

Why do we call dark matter dark quizlet?

Why do we refer to dark matter as ″dark″ matter? According to our observations, it does not produce any detectable radiation.

What is the chief difficulty in attempting to detect planets around other stars quizlet?

What is the most significant obstacle that must be overcome while looking for planets orbiting other stars? Planets do not produce any light that is visible to the human eye, and they are generally at least a billion times less bright than the stars that are their hosts.

Which of the following makes it very difficult to detect planets around other stars?

It is difficult to discover planets circling other stars since they are far, tiny and not particularly luminous.

How does the Kepler space telescope detect Earth like planets around other stars?

As Venus or Mercury swings between the Sun and us, these occurrences are visible as a little black dot creeping across the Sun.This is because the planets block sunlight as they move between the Sun and us.Kepler locates planets by monitoring the brightness of stars for minute changes that occur whenever a planet passes in front of one of those stars.This phenomenon is referred to as a ″transit.″

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Which of the following is not an electromagnetic wave?

The right answer is Ultrasonic.

Which type of electromagnetic radiation has the lowest frequency?

On the other hand, radio waves have the smallest energy, the longest wavelengths, and the smallest frequencies of any form of electromagnetic radiation. Gamma rays, X-rays, ultraviolet radiation, visible light, infrared radiation, and radio waves are the parts of the electromagnetic spectrum that are designated in sequence from the highest energy to the lowest energy.

Which type of radiation has the most energy how or where is this radiation formed?

The quantity of energy that may be found in photons is what distinguishes the various forms of radiation from one another.Low-energy photons can be found in radio waves, microwave photons have slightly more energy than radio waves, infrared photons have even more energy than infrared photons, and so on through visible light, ultraviolet light, X-rays, and finally, the most energetic photons of all can be found in gamma rays.

What if Europa was Earth’s moon?

Therefore, if Europa were to be relocated such that it was situated near to Earth, the moon would all of a sudden find itself within the zone in which life may exist, and it would begin to melt. The ice goes straight from a solid state into a gaseous one since there is no atmosphere around the moon (the moon does have an atmosphere, but it is very fragile and very thin).

What kind of life could be on Europa?

It is quite likely that the sort of life that may exist on Europa would not rely on photosynthesis for its energy source, but rather on chemical processes.The surface of Europa is bombarded by radiation that originates from Jupiter.That is not good news for the life that exists on the surface; it would not be able to endure.However, it is possible that the radiation will produce a fuel for life deep inside the water.

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Is Europa tidally locked?

Because Europa is tidally locked, the same side of the moon always seems to be facing Jupiter. Size-wise, Europa is smaller than the moon orbiting Earth, measuring 1,900 miles (3,100 km) in diameter, whereas Pluto is 3,100 km across. It is the most diminutive of the Galilean satellites.

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